FL man inducted into MN National Guard Court of Honor

On Oct. 2, 2011, CW5 (Ret) Richard W. Hathaway was inducted into the Minnesota National Guard’s Court of Honor at Camp Ripley. He will join other inductees who’s names have been etched into the granite wall.

The Court of Honor was originally called the Memorialization Ceremony and began in 1933 to pay tribute to deceased Minnesota military. During the 1980s this was changed to include the honoring of living retired individuals. From its start to 2011, a total of 405 service men and women have been memorialized at Camp Ripley.

Individuals are nominated by their peers and then approved by the Memorialization Board in recognition for distinguished service and advocacy for the National Guard and the State of Minnesota.

CW5 Hathaway served in the Minnesota National Guard for 38 years and in retirement was on the Minnesota National Guard Officers Association Board of Directors for 15 years.