City of Columbus asking residents for proof of LOMA’s granted

FEMA to update floodplain map for Anoka County city

Jennifer Mevissen
Staff Writer

Staff at the city of Columbus are unaware of how many Letter of Map Amendments have been granted and are now asking residents to come forward with proof.

City Engineer Larry Bohrer told the council members last month that a letter indicated Anoka County had seven addresses on file.

However, he noted there seems to be other LOMA’s where documentation is absent.

The homeowner needs to provide the case number from their original LOMA to make sure it is included in the FEMA map update, Bohrer said.

“There are other people who don’t know,” said Mayor Dave Povolny.

At the Wednesday, Jan. 11 city council meeting, Povolny explained the certificate is evidence that the structure has been removed from the floodplain.

Those with LOMA’s are invited to contact City Hall by calling 651-464-3120.