Political topics lead Open Forum column

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Moratorium for Max

I have to respond to the letter of Max Anderson once again chastising the Republicans, stating the extremists have taken over and it is no longer the party of our grandfathers. Well, I doubt our grandfathers would recognize the liberal Democrats of today either.

He states that the Republicans demand total party loyalty. Is he insinuating that the Democrats do not demand the same?

I think it is time for a moratorium on letters from this individual. All we have to do is see who the letter is from to know what it says and not bother to read it because according to him the Republicans can do absolutely nothing right and the Democrats can do absolutely nothing wrong.

Carol Harris

Republican Sell Out

No one has ever borrowed their way into prosperity, buy that did not stop the Republican Party and Rep. Dettmer’s reckless behavior in the 2011 session. Instead of taking action and making a plan to get Minnesota solvent these so called leaders decided to borrow the several billion dollars as a quick fix and avoid the pain of paying our bills in a responsible way. Rep.

Aside from creating an enormous debt by kicking the can down the road, they piled a couple billion dollars in debt plus interest on our children and grandchildren. This is not only morally wrong but fiscally unsound.

According to Rep. Dettmer’s letter his Reform 2.0 aims to reduce property taxes on commercial and industrial property. Here is where the fix is in. In 2011 Dettmer and his cohorts spent the better part of the session formulating their social agenda instead of doing the job they were elected to do.

They waited and wasted so much time they rushed to complete the work they ignored and decided to borrow to balance the budget and  change the tax formula to raise property taxes on home owners. It also indirectly raised business property taxes and business was outraged. After all they gave millions in campaign contributions to the Republican Party to buy their allegiance and love and felt betrayed.

Now you hear Rep. Dettmer arguing that this increase on business property taxes must be rolled back. What about the homeowner? This Republican/Dettmer plan is just another form of class warfare and sticking it to the working class to make up for what the rich won’t pay.

Perhaps it is time for taxpayers to hire a lobbyist to represent our interests because Rep. Dettmer and his party have sold out to the highest bidder.

Max Anderson

Stop Blaming Others

As I read all the dumb comments about the killing of the two deer I need to comment. Everyone seems to forget what got this started in the first place.

The Carpenters should start taking responsibility for there actions. Everyone should know that you are not allowed to make pets of deer in this state and whether they want to admit it or not that is what they were doing. There is a good reason for this policy.

Deer are a natural resource of our state and to add a lot to  quality of life. If  their actions had led to disease that destroyed the deer herd, what would you think of their action then? The police officer almost hit the deer on the road, what would you think if he was hurt because of a accident with these pet deer? What would you think of their action then?

The Carpenters should have done the right thing when the fawns were first spotted and left them alone or called the DNR and ask what to do. People need to start taking responsibility for their dumb decisions rather then blame others.

So everyone is blaming the police for what they did. Put on your big girl panties and start taking responsibility for your action and stop blaming others

Rich Jabas
Forest Lake

The Right Choice

As Catholic School Week begins, our family will be concluding our 16th year at St. Peter’s Catholic School. We want to say thank you to all…it’s been a good run!

My first child started here just as the new wing was being completed. At the beginning of the year they held the kindergarten class in the teachers’ lounge because the classrooms needed finish work.

The children were so accustomed to being physically close to each other, that when they moved throughout the school, they huddled together like a flock of baby ducks. That feeling of togetherness and community still prevails.

The one word that best describes St. Peter’s and its staff is dedication. The administration, teachers, volunteers, aids, specialists, and the rest of the staff are dedicated in their own way to this ministry of the church…education.

Although there have been many changes, there is one important thing has remained constant — the teaching staff. They are experienced, faithful, caring, accessible, and the true heart of this school!

They are also well educated; 60 percent have advanced degrees and 11 have masters degrees. They don’t just teach children, they teach them how to learn.

Our decision to have our children attend St. Peter’s was an easy one. This is a school that reflected our family values and lifestyle – hardworking and faith-filled. We didn’t select St. Peter’s so our children would get a “religious education.”

We enrolled them because it was a school that allowed faith to be entwined while teachers went about their business of scholastically educating our children. This requires many different levels of commitment by both the staff and by us the parents, because St. Peter’s upholds the truth that the parents have been, and will continue to be, the most influential person in our child’s life and education.

We appreciate and commend this approach.

Vince and Peggy-Sue Niemczyk