Scandia gets new plow truck

The city of Scandia on Jan. 26 took delivery of a new tandem-axle Mack dump truck and snow plow. The truck, which was ordered in May of 2011, is a planned replacement of a 1997 single axle Ford dump truck and plow. “Scandia has 90 miles of roadways to plow,” said Mayor Randall Simonson. “Having safe, efficient and reliable equipment is a must.” The city operates two plow trucks in major snow events; the other truck is a single-axle 2002 Sterling. Plow trucks are evaluated for replacement on a 12-14 year cycle. The city supplements the plow trucks with pick-ups used to plow cul-de-sacs and parking lots. The new Mack is the city’s first tandem-axle truck. The new Mack has a 15-foot box and can haul about 12 tons. The total cost of the replacement truck is about $199,000, financed though the city’s equipment replacement fund and equipment certificates issued in 2011.