FLake Festival Medallion Hunt clues

The FLake Festival Medallion Hunt got underway on Saturday. The medallion is hidden in a city park. To take home the $500 prize, the finder must have purchased a button for the medallion hunt. The $5 button can be purchased at area businesses.

Clue #1-Feb. 18

The time’s come around.

Where will it be found?

This year when no snow has come down.


You might find some white,

But that wouldn’t be right.

More likely your view will be brown.


Clue #2-Feb. 19

Cash is good, there’s no doubt,

but it’s nothing without,

The richness of nature outside


Take a break for a swing.

It’s feeling like spring.

Might be tricky to go down this slide


Clue #3-Feb. 20

Success, it is true,

Starts with point of view.

Have you figured out what yours will be?


Are you up looking down

or down looking up?

Makes a difference in what you can see?


Clue #4-Feb. 21

For a search that’s effective,

You must be selective.

Don’t be swayed by what’s lying about.


This prize does not hide

In debris cast aside.

Give a hand and throw litter out.