Hegseth will make U.S. Senate run official next week

Pete Hegseth’s entry in the U.S. Senate race will become official next week, the Forest Lake High School graduate and Stillwater resident said on Wednesday. Hegseth said he would make his formal announcement mid-week.

He expects to seek the Republican endorsement in the field that to date has seen three candidates express interest in seeking the seat now filled by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat.

Hegseth returned to his home state earlier this month after completing a military tour in Afghanistan. He is also a decorated Army veteran from Iraq. He gained national exposure as executive director of Vets for Freedom and was a strong proponent of President Bush’s build-up in Iraq.

  • Jon Turner

    Funny! Good luck. Amy is the most centrist Senator in the nation. She has represented our state and our country in a way that makes me proud. I do commend Mr. Hegseth for his service and his home-town hero status. Good luck Pete, but I think you’re a bit out of your league here.

    • Eric Langness

      Pete has far more experience than Amy could ever wish to have. He’s been in an executive position of a non-profit veterans organization and he was valedictorian of his high school class. What comparable does Amy have?

      • Alyssa

        Six years as a very succesful United States Senator. Unless you’re saying that being a high school valedictorian 12 years ago is more important to being a U.S. Senator than actually being in the Senate for the past six years.

        • Eric Langness

          Alyssa –

          Valedictorian 5, 10 or 20 years ago shows how intelligent he must be. Generally it’s not something lost over 12 years at his age.

          You must have completely glazed over the ‘in an executive position of a non-profit veterans organization’ part. Are you aware it is a nationwide organization he’s been in charge of?

          You’ve also made my point with the question regarding Amy’s (lac of) experience. Prior to Amy being in the Senate she had virtually nothing and many would argue with her track record the experience isn’t all that valuable to have.

  • U.R. Krazy

    Yes, Alyssa, that’s how he rolls. :)