Roundabout in FL wins ACEC Honor Award

Plaque hanging at FL City Hall

The roundabout at Lake Street-Broadway Avenue was given an Honor Award by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota. (Photo courtesy of Stantec)

Jennifer Mevissen
Staff Writer

The roundabout at Lake Street-Broadway Avenue was recently recognized for its engineering achievement.

Stantec, formerly Bonestroo, entered the downtown project on behalf of the city of Forest Lake into the American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota awards competition. An Honor Award was given for the US-61/CSAH-2 roundabout. A plaque is now hanging on a wall at city hall.

The safety and efficiency improvements made to Forest Lake’s downtown were up against 32 other projects that were submitted. Ten of those received Grand Awards, and are eligible to compete at the national level. A banquet was held on Jan. 27 at the Golden Valley Country Club.

“There’s some spectacular stuff it was competition against,” City Engineer Ryan Goodman told the Forest Lake Council at the Feb. 13 meeting.

Construction began in July 2010 and wrapped up Oct. 22, eight days before the anticipated completion date.

The application outlined the project: “A multi-lane roundabout in the heart of downtown is moving traffic efficiently through an intersection formerly challenged by vehicular congestion and safety concerns for both drivers and pedestrians. The reconstructed roadway alignments narrowly but efficiently fit within the restricted corridor.”

“Project features included landscaping and streetscape improvements, decorative street lighting with irrigated flower baskets, and drainage that runs through a stormwater quality interceptor. New sidewalks and a hybrid pedestrian beacon system have improved safety, encouraging a walkable downtown.”

“Throughout the compressed 14-week construction period, various outreach tactics kept businesses informed of detours and customers connected to local shops. Project representatives gave roundabout construction tours to individuals who shopped downtown businesses during construction.”

“Completed ahead of schedule and under budget, the roundabout is designed to manage traffic levels anticipated in 2030.”

  • Planet Watch

    For all the nay sayers I can’t see anyone who’d want to go back to the signal light routine.

    • Eric Langness

      No Name –

      I’m sure glad I was one of those ‘nay sayers’ as you like to say otherwise we’d have 9 of them up/down Broadway. Why is it you must refer to others with childish name calling as well? Is it that your political views have no foundation?

  • P. Watch 2

    Eric, I love how everything personally offends you. Even an off the cuff comment like naysayers sends you into a tizzy as if they were referring to you personally. Naysayer is also a perfectly apt description not ‘name calling’ If I called you a demented jerk or something that would be an example of name calling.

  • Flake2012

    Yes, It took care of the congestion, Businesses on that corner really appreciate how no traffic ever stops there any more. As for pedestrian traffic, just try crossing now! impossible and again the local businesses love that. Sure we built a Pedestrian bridge but no one ever uses it because you need to go 1/2 mile out of your way to get from one corner to the other. I would personalty like to thank the “Nay Sayers” for saving the rest of Broadway from this business KILLING fiasco.

  • G. Helpus

    Hey Flake2012 – still using your rotary dial phone too? Quit blaming every thing else because your are a rube and can’t navigate a roundabout.