Seven days of searching, and medallion remains hid

The search for the FLake Fest Medallion Hunt continues. Today’s clue (Friday) is the seventh given:

“Your searching will flop
If you stay at the top.
Open fields are not right for this round.
To make sure it’s not missed,
Keep watch for the twist.
Put the pieces together, it’s found.”

Below are the previous six clues.

Clue #1

The time’s come around.

Where will it be found?

This year when no snow has come down.

You might find some white,

But that wouldn’t be right.

More likely your view will be brown.

Clue #2

Cash is good, there’s no doubt,

but it’s nothing without,

The richness of nature outside

Take a break for a swing.

It’s feeling like spring.

Might be tricky to go down this slide.

Clue #3

Success, it is true,

Starts with point of view.

Have you figured out what yours will be?

Are you up looking down

or down looking up?

Makes a difference in what you can see?

Clue #4

For a search that’s effective,

You must be selective.

Don’t be swayed by what’s lying about.

This prize does not hide

In debris cast aside.

Give a hand and throw litter out.

Clue #5

This hunting’s tough stuff.

When you’ve had enough,

Take a break, bring a lunch, have a rest.

Though these features are nice,

Don’t look at them twice.

Searching elsewhere, I think, will be best.

Clue #6

Daily clues, to this spot,

Help you know where it’s not.

Keep looking to know where it is.

Do you see yet which space,

Holds the treasure’s home base?

Keen eyes are the key to this quiz.