Tanners Brook manager to lead Ranger girls

Andrea Brischke replaces Joel Hall as golf coach

Andrea Brischke

Clint Riese
Sports Editor

The new Forest Lake girls’ golf coach will not have to waste any time learning the ins and outs of local courses.

Come spring, the Rangers will work under Andrea Brischke, who is the general manager at Tanners Brook Golf Club. Brischke’s husband, Craig, is the PGA professional at the 18-hole course on the south end of town.

“Being in the area, it’s a good fit for me,” she said.

Brischke replaces Joel Hall, who spent six years at the program’s helm. The mother of two spent the last four years as girls’ head coach at St. Paul Harding. She worked at St. Paul’s Phalen Golf Course as a teen, but did not fully get into the sport until meeting her husband 13 years ago. Brischke said she now carries a 12 handicap.

The Hamline University graduate has yet to analyze her new team’s strengths, but typically emphasizes putting and chipping.

“I concentrate more on the short-game aspect,” she said. “It’s where I think you shave off most of your strokes.”

Brischke is also an advocate of learning through experience and will try to maximize the time her team is out on the links.

A resident of Forest Lake, Brischke has always kept an eye on the Ranger program.

“It is a pretty good program already, and [the possibility of coaching here] is something that has always intrigued me,” she said.

Hall resigned in January. His second daughter was born last year and he wanted to free up more family time. He coached Betsy Kelly to the 2009 individual state title.

“I will not ever forget the time I spent coaching those girls,” he said. “It has been some of the most fun I’ve ever had since I started teaching and coaching.”

The Century Junior High teacher hopes to remain on the high school football coaching staff.