Broadway road work will resume March 19

Due to the unusually mild winter, ground conditions are such that Washington County construction projects that are in place will be starting work earlier than usual this year.

The CR-2 (Broadway Avenue) Reconstruction Project contractor, Redstone Construction, has given notice that it will be restarting construction activities Monday, March 19. The traveling public and residents of Forest Lake will start to see traffic control advanced warning signs going up by the end of this week for proper public notice.

The items that will be noticed first are warning signs advising of road closures and construction activities starting March 19. The required lane closures and detours will be established Monday, March 19, with pavement removals and truck activities starting Tuesday, March 20.

CR-2 Plan

Construction will continue along Broadway Avenue between SW 19th Street and Centennial Drive beginning in March. East of Seventh Street, the roadway will be fully reconstructed, matching where improvements were previously terminated.

Planned construction along this segment will be consistent with other improvements along the corridor including:

•excavation for utility upgrades;

•storm sewer installation;

• placement of new curb and gutter and medians;

•concrete paving;

•new traffic signal at Fourth Street;

•trails and walks.

The planned sequence for reconstructing this segment is to first reconstruct the north side of Broadway Avenue while maintaining traffic on the south side. Once the north side can be opened to traffic, the south side will be reconstructed, followed by work in the median and boulevard areas.

Other construction activities will be going on throughout the project site including lighting, landscaping and other work behind the curb and in median areas.

The goal is to have the project completed by fall 2012.

Detours & Closures

Broadway Avenue will remain open to traffic during construction this year. From Seventh Street to Centennial Drive one lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained to facilitate construction activities.

Other temporary lane closures will be needed along Broadway to facilitate work in the medians and boulevard areas. Fourth Street will be closed for a short period to facilitate utility work.

During the Fourth Street closure, detour signs will be posted and notifications will be distributed. Motorists are asked drive cautiously and attentively through construction zones.

For more detailed information regarding planned construction phasing and detours, see the project website at