Corbid will have dual functions

With his recent appointment as Washington County deputy administrator, Kevin Corbid also received the appointment of county auditor-treasurer by the Washington County Board on Feb. 28. Special legislation was passed in 1997 that allowed the county board to appoint a department head to carry out the statutory duties of the office of county auditor-treasurer. In 1998, the county adopted an organizational structure under which the county deputy administrator has the overall responsibility for the statutory duties of the office of auditor-treasurer. Most of the statutory tasks of the auditor-treasurer are carried out within the departments of administration, property records and taxpayer services and accounting and finance, which report to the deputy administrator. In 2001, the board appointed Molly F. O’Rourke as the deputy county administrator and county auditor-treasurer. The board named O’Rourke county administrator Jan. 27 and she appointed Corbid as deputy administrator Feb. 9.