Hugo business receives fire tax abatement

The Washington County Board on Feb. 28 agreed to an abatement request for a property in Hugo that was destroyed by fire in 2011. The county received a request for a local disaster abatement, or fire abatement, from the Glamos Family Limited Partnership, owners of the Glamos Wire Building, 5564 N. 152nd St. A fire on April 16, 2011, according to the fire report, completely destroyed the building. The owners have requested an abatement to reduce the value of the property to reflect the damage caused by the fire. Under state law, an owner whose property is destroyed by fire and is uninhabitable may request an abatement for the payable year in which the fire occurred, and the following year. This request is to reduce the value of the destroyed building for the remaining eight months of 2011 after the fire. The abatement would result in a tax refund of $11,079. Property taxes in 2011 would have still been paid on the value of the land and the building value for the four months prior to the fire. The full cost of fire abatements is borne by the county.