Rick Olseen will run for House in 32B

Former State Sen. Rick Olseen, DFL-Harris, will run for the DFL endorsement to seek the House District 32B seat which serves most of Chisago County. “I’m planning to run,” Olseen said this week. The seat is currently open following redistricting which moved the current legislation, District 17B Rep. Bob Barrett, R-Shafer, into a new district where he is paired with Rep. Bob Dettmer, R-Forest Lake. Dettmer has announced he will run in the new district. Barrett has yet to release a formal announcement, but reportedly told a Republican gathering in Wyoming last week that he will sell his home in Shafer, move to District 32B and run for the seat. Olseen is a veteran of public service. He served 10 years on the North Branch School Board before winning a seat on the Chisago County Board where he served four years. He was elected to the Minnesota Senate in 2006, but lost a reelection bid to Sean Nienow during the wave of Republican victories two years ago. The House seat carries a two-year term.

  • max anderson

    Interesting Barrett wants to cling to this seat, I suppose he will claim residency at his condo he maintains in the district. I would imagine like the much criticized Rep. Kalin did, and the very issue that the Republicans tore him apart for.

    I would think after the criticism of Kalin Mr. Barrett would first sell his house and buy one in the district but I have a feeling his taste of power has him addicted to public office and he will claim his condo as a residence while keeping his homestead credit at his house outside the district. Of course I can hear his excuse already, I can’t sell my home because of the housing market, we have heard it all before Mr. Barrett.

    Barrett has an inability to govern, his Republican Party shutting down the state instead of a compromise is an example of a State Representative that should be named after a street, ONE WAY.

    Barrett has made his decisions based on Religion and a Right Wing agenda drafted by big money organizations outside the state and he has done their bidding well, Barrett serves his master well.

    How history repeats itself.