Clark will run in August primary

Former State Sen. Tarryl Clark announced last week she will carry her bid to seek DFL Party backing to the August 14 primary in the Eighth Congressional District. Clark moved from St. Cloud to Duluth last year to position herself to run against freshman incumbent Rep. Chip Cravaack, R-North Branch. “By going directly to the people in the primary, I will encourage every senior, every student, every teacher, every veteran and every Minnesotan from the 8th District who cares about restoring the priorities of our families and communities to vote this August,” Clark said.

  • Jim

    Sounds to me like Mrs. Clark is pursuing a career in politics, not in statesmanship. Why else would she seek to run in another district this go-round?

  • E. Baylor

    They all do. Doesn’t your guy Cravaack live in New Hampshire? Yes, yes he does…his wife and kids live there and he splits his time between N.H. and D.C. Perhaps he’ll spend a day or two at his North Branch home while campaigning (read NOT doing his day job) All the while collecting government money on at least two fronts.

    • Eric Langness

      Congressman Cravaack does not live in New Hampshire.

  • max anderson

    Let us not forget that Cravaack is still collecting disability payments of over $70,000 a year while being fully employed at $175,000 a year. That sleep case of apnea Carvaack has must be brutal to be able to continue this generous disability income while being gainfully employed.

    Along with free health care and his out of state wifes generous salary the Cravaacks are doing quite well. No wonder they could afford to take up residence out of state and keep a token home here in Minnesota for appearances.

    • Eric Langness

      More false lies by those on the left wishing to polarize and politicize our congressman. Chip reported in 2010 on his financial disclosure that he received disability as he was an airline pilot and could no longer perform with sleep apnea. Frankly, I’m glad that he’s not flying a plane I’m in! Although, with his congressional job it would only make sense that he is no longer collecting that disability. It’s sad that you would bash someone for their medical conditions that clearly has overcome it and found new employment. is a reference to the facts he released.

  • E. Baylor

    Oh, just his wife and kids do…riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…he just hangs out in North Branch while they are there. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • G. Helpus

    All idiots but America shall keep chugging along despite these fools.