New policies give Fairview green light to treat Medicare patients

Following a successful on-site safety review, federal regulators have determined that Fairview Lakes Medical Center in Wyoming, can continue to provide care for Medicare patients.

Earlier this month the hospital was notified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that its participation in the Medicare program would end on March 25th.

But that date was removed after medical center staff demonstrated newly-implemented operating room safety policies and procedures to the satisfaction of federal regulators.

The new policies were implemented following a serious incident that occurred during an outpatient surgical procedure.

During the surgery a small, flash fire ignited in the operating room. The care team acted quickly to protect the patient and put out the fire.

The patient, an adult, was assessed and stabilized, then transferred to another hospital for further assessment. The patient was later discharged to home the same day.

No operating room staff was injured and there was no damage to the operating room.

“We fully expected to continue serving our Medicare patients and these new policies further strengthen our commitment to patient safety,” said Steve Housh, president of Fairview Lakes Medical Center.

“I know our patient care team is talented, but the teamwork, commitment and leadership they showed over the last three weeks is very impressive.”

Following an internal review of the incident, Fairview Lakes Medical Center staff submitted a detailed plan to CMS that strengthens existing safety processes. Staff also consulted with a national expert on operating room fire safety protocols.