Open Forum writers take Republicans to task

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Had to Respond

EDITOR’S NOTE: The letter that follows was written to Sen. Ray Vandeveer, R-Forest Lake, and copied to the Forest Lake Times for publication in Open Forum.)

Senator Vandeveer:

Even though I’m not in the heart of this particular debate and just a citizen watching from the outside, I had to respond a bit on this.

I read the article in the Forest Lake Times on your feelings and Bob Dettmer’s on the Racino issue. My observation here is democracy and elected officials who are representing their constituents really doesn’t work as we have seen at all levels of government.

Why would you promote a special election on this issue when everyone in the area that has any clout are asking for the racinos? What are the Indians paying the state that we don’t know about? Who’s scaring you state guys and gals away from helping other businesses dance with the devil?

If you think this will curb and lessen gambling, you better drive by the established casinos this weekend and see how slow business is there. I bet (no pun intended) the lots are packed this weekend in Mille Lacs and Hinckley.

Watching all this makes me want to give up on “The System.” It appears to be all fake.

From my little battles with Scandia and the local watershed, I’ve learned my voice is listened to but not heard. Voting power appears to be a bunch of mumbo jumbo. I’ve stated for years that the only reason I vote is so I have the right to bitch. Doesn’t even seem like that’s a legitimate excuse anymore.

Sorry if I sound a bit bitter, but I’m not doing very well on my New Year’s resolution of not watching the news. Thanks for listening.

Erich Kertzscher

Attack Dog Turns

What do you do if you have a junk yard dog to attack others and it turns on you?

That has to be on the minds of the Republican Party as it deals with a threat from Michael Brodkorb, the attack dog Republicans long employed to go after Democrats. Brodkorb has turned on his masters in the party and is chewing them up.

Many will remember the scandal involving Senate leader Amy Koch being forced to resign her leadership position by her fellow Republicans because of having an affair with Mr. Brodkorb, her staffer at the time. Not only was Amy Koch forced out but Mr. Brodkorb was terminated also. I will note both of these folks were married, but not to each other.

Now Mr. Brodkorb is pretty angry, has started a lawsuit and is threatening to name names of other staffers that had affairs with their political bosses. It seems Brodkorb feels he was treated differently because he was a male and the other staffers are females. We will see how that plays out.

As the hypocritical Republicans continue their quest to proclaim marriage is between a man and a woman they have lost a bunch of credibility along the way.

Perhaps they should worry less about what others want in a committed relationship and keep their religious views to themselves and work on issues of the state like the budget and roads and stay out of the business of promoting their personal social agendas.

Max Anderson

Time to Tailgate

The Viking fan base has not been consulted; politicians and owners are doing the dance arrangements for them, but do the fans want to dance?

I have done some research with two barbers, a mechanic and three retired guys. These are Vikings fans and they do not want to attend another football game in the sterile concrete setting of downtown Minneapolis.

These people would like to tailgate in Arden Hills. They want to smell the brats and burgers burning in the autumn air.

Besides, why would we want to destroy a perfectly good stadium with a new roof? The Metrodome has 20 good years ahead of it. Arden Hills needs a cleanup, something the residents would not get if there were no project. The federal government should be embarrassed enough to foot the bill as this was a federal site.

The Vikes have been part of the Minnesota culture for many years, not as long as Green Bay, but the reach of the Vikes goes further to the Dakotas, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa and to western Wisconsin.

Speaking of the Packers, didn’t fans there just contribute millions to the stadium through purchase of shares that are basically worthless? Why ask taxpayers of Minnesota to pay for something fans could participate in.

I suggest Vikings fans be allowed to contribute to a stadium fund to alleviate the state’s share. I would nominate Bud Grant as honorary chair. Certificates for donors could be issued. They would be worthless in face value. They would be valued as much as the stadium they help build.

If the certificates are sturdy enough they could at least be used to keep drafts out of the hunting shacks and ice fishing houses.

Tom Obst

Fiscal Responsibility?

Republican State Rep. Pat Garafalo has a bill which passed the House to make a one time payment to the school shift of $430 million toward the $2.4 billion dollars left on the school shift. There is no other proposal by the Republicans to pay back any more of the shift.

The Minnesota Legislature has used delaying payments to schools over the years to balance the state’s budget, but the Republicans have delayed payments of over 40 percent.

This action has caused many school districts across the state to borrow money to “pay the bills.” Of course paying interest on the borrowed money waiting to get their funds from the state.

I support the DFL plan to pay back the shift by closing off shore corporate loopholes and pay back the shift completely in about five years. This seems more reasonable than taking money out of the state’s budget reserve which has only recently been fully funded.

I thought the Republicans were the party of fiscal responsibility?

Guess not.

Steve Linnerooth
Center City