Graffiti taggers target 4 buildings in FL

FL Police Station is 1 of 4 hit during the weekend

Cliff Buchan
News Editor

Graffiti taggers were at work in Forest Lake on Saturday.

Four buildings were targets and the taggers showed no fear of the law. One of the buildings hit was the south wall of the Forest Lake Police Department, 220 N. Lake St.

Capt. Greg Weiss said four buildings, including the police station, were hit in the late night hours Friday or early Saturday morning. And it wasn’t all polite or artful writings.

The three business locations were marked with the slogan “Gods of Green” or GOG, Weiss said. At the police station, the graffiti was more pointed.

The police department south wall was painted with “F—K the police” Weiss said the graffiti has been removed and police are investigating the incident.

Weiss said police are also attempting to learn what the “Gods of Green” reference may hold, but as of Monday, had no solid idea of its meaning.

Vehicle Found

Police in Forest Lake have recovered a vehicle that had been stolen in Oakdale.

Weiss said city officers acting with help provided by On-Star recovered the auto at 8:27 a.m. near the North Shore Apartments on North Shore Drive.

Police have questions suspects in the case, but Weiss said the investigation is ongoing and may involve other city crimes.

Wyoming Burglary

A grocery store in Wyoming was the target of burglars early Sunday morning.

An employee at Bruce’s Foods, 5358 Wyoming Trail, discovered the break-in at 5:53 a.m. Sunday.

According to the Wyoming Police Department, someone smashed in he front door to gain entry to the store. An undetermined quantity of cigarettes were stolen, police said.

Wyoming police are continuing their investigation. No arrests have been made.

  • Jack Nicholson

    Does Wy have overnight cops?

  • Eric Langness

    “Gods of Green” sounds like some of the out of touch on the political left / democrats side.

  • Seriously?

    Eric that is a stretch, even for you. I’m sure they aren’t political in any way. Just common hoodlums.

    • Eric Langness

      It’s really not. It’s well documented that the delusional left wing (as not all are) in groups like ALF, ELF and GreenPeace often resort to illegal activities such as this to attain media attention. They tend to be quite hypocritical in their actions! The name of this group sounds to be similar to some of these others.

      • Samuel

        People of all political persuasions resort to violence, not just the far left. Indeed, al-Qaeda is a right wing extremist group. While these taggers’ actions are nowhere near the level of al-Qaeda, assuming they’re a leftist group is not only narrow-minded, but dangerous.