Automated payments a go in Washington County

Washington County will enter a three-year contract with U.S. Bank to enroll in the Payment Plus program which automates vendor payments using credit cards resulting in a rebate to the county after the county board approved the contract March 13. The county has been exploring ways to reduce the cost of issuing payments to vendors. Using the county’s current Purchasing Card relationship with U.S. Bank, the county has identified a means of automating payments to VISA vendors already enrolled in US Bank’s Payments Plus Program. By capitalizing on the 72 county vendors already enrolled in the program, there is a greater chance of realizing a rebate from the estimated $3.5 million for 5,542 transactions that could be converted to VISA payments. If the program is successful, the county will attempt to enroll more of its vendors. The program is also advantageous for vendors because it reduces paper handling and deposits payments directly to their bank accounts. At a minimum, the county will save the cost of postage and printing checks for those vendors who are enrolled in the program. The county will also be adapting its accounting systems to take advantage of the automation available through this program. The first rebate will be paid in 2013, the amount of which will depend on the amount of funds paid via the VISA payments.