Bachmann salutes Schug, bridge

Sixth Congressional Rep. Michele Bachmann was in Stillwater Monday to honor former Washington County Administrator Jim Schug, and to give out commemorative copies of the Congressional bill that cleared the way for a new St. Croix River crossing to its supporters. Bachmann read a commendation of Schug, which was entered into the Congressional Record. The commendation noted Schug’s 17 years as county administrator. “Personally, I consider Jim a steadfast public servant who will remain a fixture of the community,” Bachmann said. Also at the event, Bachmann presented the commemorative bills and ceremonial pens from the White House and President Barack Obama to community leaders who worked to make the new river crossing a reality. Those included the county commissioners. Bachmann especially noted the work that Commissioner Gary Kriesel, who represents Stillwater in District 3, did in championing the bridge project.