Columbus Council sets maximum fee for Hornsby St. engineering

Jennifer Mevissen
Staff Writer

At the Wednesday, March 28 meeting, the Columbus City Council put an outstanding issue to rest in regards to the engineering services associated with the Hornsby Street re-alignment project.

Members unanimously voted to approve the revised supplemental agreement that establishes a maximum engineering fee of $220,000. This change keeps the project under budget.

“If the actual engineering costs are less, you pay less,” said City Engineer Larry Bohrer.

He said that no other municipality that TKDA, which has been the city’s firm since 1978, has a client receiving a more favorable rate than Columbus.

Mayor Dave Povolny had asked Bohrer last month if TKDA could make some concessions on the costs. The two met with city staff to review how the engineering fees are calculated.

“It’s pretty fair,” Povolny said.

Due to the complexity with constructing a road through a wetland, the engineering services to re-align Hornsby Street increased from $144,000 to $226,382. In turn, the contingency was decreased from $93,620 to $40,535.

The intersection where Hornsby St. meets TH-97 is being moved approximately 500 feet to the east.

The project has a total estimated cost of $1,328,565.

The city’s share is $775,1000.

The city of Columbus received a $594,000 grant from MnDOT to