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Attack on Freedom

The current Republican move to define marriage and exclude a group of people they may not like is an attack on our constitution and freedom. Some of the leaders of this hate legislation themselves seem to have issues with staying faithful to the one they are married to, perhaps they should concentrate on their own relationships first if marriage is such a sacred issue to them.

If two people want to be in a faithful, committed relationship they should be allowed the right to enjoy the protections that marriage provides for purposes of estate planning, heath care and a huge array of issues that give them the comfort and security that marriage provides. To do otherwise is bigoted and wrong.

I am particularly disappointed in the Catholic Church and their giving of $650,000 of parishioner funds to a political group that would deny equal rights of marriage. I am sure this parishioner money was intended for providing funds to maintain buildings of worship and programs to help those less fortunate in our society, not for the political whims of the archbishop.

Their involvement in this issue is wrong and they should lose their tax free status. The Republican party is also wrong to promote an amendment that would deny equal rights and security to a certain group of people. It is un-American and against our constitution to carve out select groups of people and deny them equality under the law.

I will be voting against the marriage amendment and would encourage those that believe in the constitution and equal rights to join me.

Max Anderson

Patriotic Example

Thank you to all who worked to honor our veterans during the 5th Annual Forest Lake Vietnam Veterans Day Program at the American Legion on Sunday, April 1.

The emcee asked “how many people under age 40 know anything about Vietnam?”

I would like to thank Mr. Sletta, choir teacher at Forest Lake High School, for bringing 19 students to sing at this event. This dedicated teacher is leading the next generation by having them volunteer at events such as this and the Veterans Day Program.

Kudos to Mr. Sletta for teaching patriotism by his example, and leading our students to give a gesture of thanks to our veterans.

M. Mahnke
Marine on St.Croix

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The letter below was sent to Dave Purdy, Times business columnist, and printed here at the request of the writer. Purdy’s column that is mentioned in the letter ran in the Thursday, March 29th Forest Lake Times.)

A Moving Article

Hello Mr. Purdy!

I just wanted to let you know how moving the article that you wrote for the Forest Lake Times was for me. It certainly is a message that so many need to hear. So often we get caught up in our own lives and forget what matters the most, our relationships with others.

My sister and husband lost their 19 year old daughter in a car accident as well. One can not begin to imagine the pain a parent feels at a time like that. I will share this article with them and I know they will pass it on to those they have empathy with in Compassionate Friends.

When someone shares with us, do we really listen, or think about our response and what we have to do next? When we see someone again, do we recall what was going on in their lives when we spoke before and do a follow up on it?

The rabbi’s story about the father and son brought tears to my eyes. We really need to see things through others’ eyes, before forming an opinion. Our perception of what goes on around us can be so clouded when we focus on only ourselves!

Thank you for sharing, I’m sure you made many reflect on their lives!

Sharon Hill

Lions Say Thanks

The Forest Lake Lions would like to say thank you to all who attended our Community Appreciation Waffle Breakfast on March 31 at Forest Lake Garden Center.    Hopefully you noticed the reduced price as our way of saying thanks for the support over the years.

We also hope you noticed that the Coon Rapids North Star Lions were our “chefs du jour” and that Boy Scout Troop 733 were there to serve. There were several Lions from other communities that either worked or joined us for breakfast, including our Easter Bunny.

If you enjoyed this event and would like to become a part of the largest service organization in the world, join us. To see what we are about, join us on any third Thursday of any month for dinner and our regular meeting. For more information, call 651-982-0627.

The Forest Lake Lions are a small but active group with many fund-raising functions during the year and thousands of dollars donated back to the community in many ways.

Again, thanks for the support.

Nancy Immel
Forest Lake