Linwood officials receive reports of dog attacks

Action to declare animal dangerous may come April 24

Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

Linwood Town Board supervisors on Tuesday, April 10 listened to a complaint from residents living on 242nd Lane NE, about repeated problems with a dangerous dog.

A pet cat was killed by the animal which came into their yard. Their dogs have been attacked repeatedly by the dog while in their yard.

The residents said they cannot allow their children to play in the yard because of the constant dog barking and aggressive behavior.

There have been two police reports filed about the attacks. Attorney Gerald Randall asked for copies of these as documentation.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, at which the board will consider a resolution to declare the identified dog as “potentially dangerous.”

Many of the actions described by the complainants fit under the definition “potentially dangerous dog” (MN Statute 347.50, Definitions Subd. 3). Considerations are if attacks are unprovoked, if domestic animals have been killed, if threatening people or other animals in an attitude of attack, or has a tendency to attack unprovoked.

If the resolution is passed, the dog owner will be given written notification to take specific steps related to fencing and muzzling; to demonstrate the animal is under control. A notice of a special meeting will also be posted.

Once notice is given, the owner has 14 days to take specified action to secure the dog.  The special meeting date will be scheduled sometime during the week of May 14.

Road Projects

Several road projects are planned for Linwood Township this summer. Most are overlays.

The first is a section of Sunrise Road (CR-75), from 460 feet north of Ryan Lake Drive to Fawn Lake Drive. Two others are entire streets; 201st Place and 202nd Lane. Zumbro Street and 233rd will be patched to repair snowplow damage. The eastbound lane of 234th Street between Cornell Street and Ryan Lake Drive will also receive overlay.

The Linwood Town Board has advertised for bids. These are to be opened May 7 and presented to the board on May 8.

Supervisor Phil Osterhus reported on Tuesday, April 10 that Anoka County has plans to grind and pave a section of Viking Blvd. (CR-22) from Sunrise Road (CR-75) east to the county line. The exact schedule for the work has not been announced. Detours will be announced and posted. The Linwood Fire Department requested this information.

In other matters related to the township streets, the spring road review is scheduled on Saturday, April 21, with officials meeting at the town hall at 8 a.m. Street cleaning was to begin April 11.

The board is to investigate a complaint that a resident was observed removing gravel from the road shoulder for filling a driveway. This is in the area of 242nd Lane and Typo Creek Drive.

Senior Center

In his investigation of the tax status of the Linwood Senior Center, Attorney Randall identified the Linwood Senior Center, Inc. of Anoka County (legal name) as being incorporated under the Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation Act, but that it is not a 501(c)3 corporation under the Internal Revenue Code and is not eligible to receive tax deductible donations.

However, it is exempt from sales and use taxes on purchases, rentals, and leases, if used for non-profit functions, Randall reported.

Joe Dolphy, former supervisor, believes the Linwood Senior Center should pursue 501(c)3 status. He asked what it would take to complete the process.

He wants to see the senior center designation “get back to where seniors (in the township) thought they were.”

Carol Searing, president of the Linwood Senior Advisory Board, supports the effort.

By a vote of 5-0, supervisors accepted the letter of resignation from Annabelle Budde who has worked as assistant senior center coordinator since 2005. Asked about the decision to resign, she explained she had been hired to a part-time job for 12 hours a week.

“I tried for seven years to be an assistant, but worked only as a janitor,” she said. “The job never evolved.”

There was no discussion. Her resignation is effective Friday, April 27.

Food Shelf

There are residents in Linwood who would like to re-establish a local food shelf. However, in order to make purchases from Second Harvest, an organization must have the federal 501(c)3 status. Along with this, filing complete, quarterly paperwork is required.

Recently, NACE had been administering the Linwood Food Shelf because it had the federal non-profit status. Then, NACE  moved the Linwood site to a new site in East Bethel, making longer trips for residents who need assistance. There will be action to start the paperwork on this request.


In the parks report, Supervisor Mike Halliday told the board an additional satellite will be placed at Four Seasons Park near the eastern ball field.

Two park board members have not been attending regularly, which means no quorum to conduct business. They will be contacted about their intent to serve on the committee.

Town Board Chair Mike Parker noted that a naturalist has been contacted this spring to work with Linwood students as part of activities associated with the Linwood Community and School Forest.

There has been an increase in vandalism in township parks, especially in Four Seasons. Residents are encouraged to call the sheriff’s department to report incidents.

Supervisor Bob Millerbernd was slated to attend a meeting of the Martin Lakers on Saturday, April 14.

Jamie Shurbon, of the Sunrise River Watershed Management Organization will host a special meeting at 6:30 a.m., Monday, April 30, at the Linwood Senior Center.  This is related to the carp barriers that are being planned for Typo and Martin lakes.

In the police report, the Anoka County Sheriff is asking residents to be alert to cases of illegal dumping. The recommended way to make reports is to get a license number and call 911 to alert authorities.

Other Business

In other business, the board:

•Recessed the board of appeal and equalization meeting until 5:30 p.m., Tuesday May 8.

•Unanimously approved the appointment of Mark Olson to the planning and zoning commission.

•Approved payment of the April 10 bills of $14,642.81.

•Unanimously approved the minutes of the March 27 meeting, with corrections.

•Received from Midcontinent Communications, a copy of the information about rate changes for customer accounts which begin in May.

•Approved the petty cash report, by a vote of 5-0.

•Learned that receipts from the Linwood Family Fun Day garage sale March 30-April 1 totaled $1,240.87.

•Learned Dairy Queen in Wyoming will donate 10 percent of sales between 6-9 p.m. on Wednesdays, April 18 and May 9 to the Linwood Family Fun Days.