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Shortsighted Vote

I would like to make sure that the readers of the Forest Lake newspaper know that State Sen. Ray Vandeveer voted against the Minnesota Vikings Stadium bill last week on the day that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers came to the Capitol.

I believe that this voting against the stadium is shortsighted. I have been reading and hearing about how both parties are using this bill to add all kinds of things that have nothing to do with the Vikings stadium and everything to do with jockeying for a position to blame the other party if the bill doesn’t get passed.

Aside from losing the Vikings being an economic mistake, it is also a cultural mistake.

I, for one, would not vote to reelect anyone, including Sen. Vandeveer, who votes against the Vikings Stadium Bill.

Joan Bindner
Forest Lake

Only in America!

Am I missing something? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Polaris Industries closes its Osceola, WI plant and lays off 500 workers while hiring 1000 workers in Mexico.

They then hired 100 workers back in Osceola. Now they will hire an additional 89 workers in Osceola and will receive $535,000 from the government for adding jobs in the state!

Only in America!

Al Blumer
Forest Lake

Catholic Funding

I am writing to clarify a statement that Max Anderson wrote in the Forest Lake Times Open Forum on April 12 stating that the Catholic Church gave $650,000 of parishioner funds to a political group.

The facts are the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis provided $650,000 in 2011 to the Minnesota Catholic Council (not a political group) for that organization’s activities in support of the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment.

The source of these funds was investment income; it did not come from parish assessments, the Catholic Service Appeal or donations to parishes or to the Archdiocese.

The donation did not affect the funding levels for other priorities of the Archdiocese. They have remained constant or have even increased during the past year.

This includes $2.8 million for elementary and secondary education and $1.4 million for Catholic Charities, whose programs benefit those most in need in our community.

Marriage as a union between one man and one woman is an essential teaching of the Catholic Church and a fundamental value that serves the common good of society and needs to be protected.

Judy Caroon
Forest Lake

Gutter Politics

Ted Nugent in his speech to the Republican party faithful and NRA members spewed out a his latest vile threatening comments towards our president and Democrats last week.

When Nugent used words like cutting off the president’s head and stating that he will either be in jail or dead if Obama gets reelected and that Democrats should be hunted down like coyotes, he sounded mentally disturbed and dangerous.

What is more disturbing is the attendees at this event were cheering him on as he voiced these horrible threats towards our president. What has this country come to when we have the leaders of the Republican Party and NRA acting in such a immature, unpatriotic and disgusting manner cheering while a mentally disturbed person threatens our president.

The NRA is so proud of this off balanced washed up celebrity that it posts these profanity filled threatening acts of horrible behavior on its website that is dedicated to this disturbed individual.

I have not heard one Republican or NRA leader denounce this tirade of Nugent’s and by their silence they give approval and encouragement to this type of abhorrent behavior.

Shame on them and their gutter politics.

The Republican Party and NRA have gone to hell in a hand basket.

Max Anderson

Thanks, LATV

As anyone reading the papers these days is aware, experts are expecting an unprecedented number of ticks this season, bringing with them increased risk of exposure to tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme, babesiosis and anaplasmosis. The need for information about prevention and treatment of these potentially devastating illnesses has never been greater.

Luckily, Forest Lake’s LATV has been airing Lessons in Lyme each weekend in April to help the public better understand Lyme and how to prevent it from derailing their lives. Lessons in Lyme is a three-part DVD series created by Wyoming native, family practitioner and Lyme educator, Dr. Elizabeth Maloney.

Dr. Maloney has also developed continuing education courses on Lyme disease for health care practitioners. If you want help bringing Lessons in Lyme to your local cable station, contact Minnesota Lyme Association at [email protected]

For more information on Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, visit mnlyme.com.

Monique Dubos
Minnesota Lyme Association

Pray for Renewal

Please join us to pray as one community under God – as one nation under God.  Today we see government ever growing, allegedly to help every individual. We must consider what guided our nation’s growth over that last 200 years. That basic guidance was prayer, asking God for direction and following his precepts for man.

In each step of developing our constitution, Ben Franklin said “I see the truth that God governs the affairs of men and begged him to give his blessings on their deliberations.”

George Washington prayed to bless our country, Jefferson prayed to preserve our nation’s heritage, John Q. Adams prayed for grateful thanksgiving, FDR for our troops, JFK for a vision or peace, Dwight Eisenhower to be able to discern right from wrong and Ronald Reagan for freedom and liberty.

Changes are coming, but in many instances it is ill conceived – taking away individual freedoms, making individuals dependant on the government, and setting rules that remove God from our consciousness.

Let’s pray for a renewal of our trust in God, joining with a number of local pastors, Thursday, May 3rd, at noon in Lakeside Memorial Park.

Diane Rueb, co-chair
National Day of Prayer
Forest Lake