Dangerous decisions highlighted at mock crash

Forest Lake High School, together with local public safety agencies, gave students an up-close-and-personal display of how dangerous decisions can have tragic effects Thursday morning. A mock car crash, staged at the high school stadium, is designed as an impactful way to raise recognition that someone dies every 15 minutes in an alcohol-related car crash. As a new addition to the program this year, a mock funeral will be held Friday morning. (Photo by Cliff Buchan)
  • Eric Langness

    I was involved in a head-on crash about a year ago involving a Forest Lake Senior High School student (Highway 97 near the airport) and it was caused by the teenager looking for a cell phone in the back seat. I believe our youth should be taught the importance of attentive driving rather than focusing just on use of alcohol. Texting while driving and looking for items in your back seat can be far more dangerous. I was the luckiest in the crash but others weren’t so well off that morning.