Linwood Town Board declares dog potentially dangerous

Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

Linwood Town Board supervisors took action on Tuesday, April 24 to declare a dog, whose owner lives in the township, a potentially dangerous animal.

Attorney Mike Haag represented Gerald Randall at the town board meeting.  Haag referenced the town ordinance 503.23 sub-section 2. Based on complaints and police reports, the dog has killed at least one cat, barks in a threatening manner, and approaches people aggressively when unprovoked.

A letter was to be mailed to the dog-owner April 25. Specific conditions must be met for the dog to remain in the township. The owner must take action to meet those conditions within 14 days or request an appeal.

The required roll-call vote unanimously declared the animal a “potentially dangerous dog.” If requested, a public hearing would likely be scheduled the week of May 13.

Voting Matter

Supervisors learned that the City of Columbus will provide in-person absentee balloting services to residents of both the city of Columbus and Linwood Township for the 2012 Primary and State General Elections.

Anoka County election officials authorized Columbus staff to issue the absentee ballots. Linwood will elect its township clerk in 2012.

Road Projects

Linwood Township has road projects scheduled for the spring and summer. Bids for work on Sunrise Road were opened May 1 and will be presented to the board on May 8, according to Supervisor Phil Osterhus.

The township has been working to rehabilitate 205th Street which runs east-west from Wyoming to Jodrell Street, through the northern part of Carlos Avery Wildlife Refuge. Funds are coming to the township from Anoka County for part of the work.

The goal is to make the road passable, according to Supervisor Phil Osterhus.  Primarily used as a snowmobile trail, it is not meant for regular travel. According to Osterhus MnDOT has denied permits, basing denial on the project being a rebuild of the road.

Parker Is Chair

Supervisors took care of organizational items at the April 24 meeting.

Mike Parker was reelected board chair and Osterhus was reelected vice-chair.

The regular meeting schedule was for 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday.  The town hall and Country Store were designated posting places.

The official township depository remains the First State Bank of Wyoming. Officials designated to sign checks on behalf of the township are Chairman Parker, Town Clerk Judy Hanna and Treasurer Vicki Erickson.

By a vote of 4-1, the Forest Lake Times was selected as the official newspaper.  Parker wanted to try another paper and voted against the motion.

Supervisor Mike Budde recommended an update of the AWAIR plan. Supervisors will review sections of this plan at future meetings. The township ordinance book and resolution book are being reviewed. Supervisors will continue to be reimbursed at the rate of $.55 per mile, the same as the federal rate.

Individuals or firms retained for township services were identified.  Most have provided professional services to the township for a number of years.

Selected were: Gerald Randall, attorney; David Mol, HLB Tautges Redpath, auditor; Kevin Tramm, building inspector and health authority; Craig Jochum, Hakanson Anderson, engineer; Frank Kvidera, road foreman; and Bob Millerbernd, Sunrise River Water Management Organization (SRWMO). Tramm and Mike Budde also share responsibilities as tree inspector and weed inspector. All appointments were approved by a vote of 5-0.

The board approved a schedule of township fees for 2012. The board voted to leave the fees as they are.

All permits requiring a public hearing have a $200 fee.  Development final plat, conforming land division, land use application, land plat, property combination and sketch plans all have fees of $100.  Platting packet has a fee of $10.

The board voted to leave the existing township license fees at their current amounts. The vote was unanimous.

Dog licenses are $2 a year, but Parker said the certificates are issued from January 1 to year’s end, but the fee is collected at one of the pet clinics and is only valid for the eight or nine months remaining in the year. He would like to bring the dates into agreement, or pro-rate the fee, so residents get a full year of licensure. The current list of fees was approved 5-0.

Fees for services remain the same. These are set to cover the cost of providing service; assessment search ($10), bad check fee ($35), faxes (send or receive, $2 a page), notary fee ($2, residents no charge), photocopies ($.25 per side), town code book ($75), and township maps ($1 to $10, depending on the map). These were approved by unanimous vote.

Liaison appointments for supervisors were reviewed and adjustments were made. Parker’s liaison responsibilities are with Linwood Family Fun Day Committee, planning and zoning commission, Linwood Community and School Forest Committee and personnel committee.

Osterhus has responsibilities with the fire department, road and bridge committee, and recycling. Mike Budde is liaison with the Linwood Cemetery Committee and recycling. Mike Halliday is liaison for the park and recreation commission, Linwood Senior Center, and insurance. Robert Millerbernd continues as Sunrise River Water Management Organization, and the building committee. All appointments were unanimous.

Fire Department

The fire department truck committee is putting together the bid package for a new fire truck, according to Fire Chief Ken Minske.

He also told the board burning restrictions were lifted April 27.

Minske presented the bid from Smith Brothers, in the amount of $6570, to paint the inside of the Linwood Fire Station. The board accepted the bid by a vote of 5-0.

Area fire departments are collaborating with four leadership classes. Linwood will host and sponsor one of the classes.

Minske reported the maintenance for the air unit which ventilates the equipment bay, costs $320 every six months. The unit reads carbon monoxide levels and must be calibrated regularly. This expense is included in the fire department budget. Maintenance of the emergency siren costs $90 a month.

The department responded to six calls in March. Four were medical responses and two were fires.

Planning Items

The board approved a lot split for Jerome Stendahl, 19964 NE Hornsby St. The request was to split off 30 acres on the east side of the 160 acres in the parcel. The property is located adjacent to Carlos Avery Wildlife Refuge. The sale is to the DNR and no buildings are planned.

Planning recommended approval of the lot split without a variance for road frontage. Much of it is not suitable for building due to the high water table. The board approved the request by a vote of 5-0.

Supervisors approved an amendment to the dog kennel regulations. Basically, anyone with more than two dogs must apply for a kennel license for the property on which the dogs are boarded. The ordinance amended Section 503.18, Part 3, of the town code. Approval was unanimous.

Other Business

In other business, the board:

•Approved payment of bills for April 24 in the amount of $18,156.64.

•Approved minutes of the meeting.

•Reminded residents that a pet clinic is scheduled 9-11 a.m., Saturday, May 5, at the town hall.

•By a vote of 4-1, approved a resolution permitting the Stacy Lions Club to sell non-intoxicating malt liquor at the fire department dance during Linwood Family Fun Day on Saturday, Sept. 8. Supervisor Phil Osterhus was opposed.

•Approved an off-site flea market on the Broadbent Park for the first Saturday in May. Proceeds are to benefit Linwood Family Fun Day.

•Learned that Dairy Queen in Wyoming will donate 10 percent of total sales between 6-9 p.m., Wednesday, May 9 to the Linwood Family Fun Day.