Pros, cons on work of Wyoming officials

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Diligent Official

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Linda Nanko Yeager.

Linda is so diligent in her work on the Wyoming City Council and I suspect many of you appreciate that as much as I do.

It seems time and again, she is the lone no vote on issues, yet she perseveres, doing the very best job she can for all of us. So thank you, Linda and keep up the fine work!

Tempting though it would be, to add an opinion or two, I would like to just note how comforting it is to know while the majority of us dodge the potholes on our sorry streets, the skateboarders will have  smooth riding in that expensive, new skateboard park.

Marsha Stevens

Naysayers Emerge!

The elected city leaders simply put forth an idea for purchasing the empty bank building and the naysayers crawl out of the woodwork in a mindless rampage.

What a laugh. Former Wyoming City Council members and their supporters that gave away the city of Wyoming to developers a few years back and never put a dime into maintaining the streets sure have a lot to say.

This is the same group that not to long ago gave tax free status to many of the large developments in the city that pay little or no property taxes at the expense of the rest of us. Now they have the nerve to whine about the streets, taxes and city planning.

This shortsighted group need look no farther than a mirror to see who is responsible for the mess we are in. If they had not given tax-free status to their pals and corporate interests and invested more in the city infrastructure we would have a much better and fairer tax flow and far better streets.

The former town leaders also have to share some credit for higher taxes on business and residential properties with the current Republican legislators like Sen. Nienow and Rep. Barrett for the nearly 20 percent raise in our taxes they forced through last session in their moment of ignorant bliss and shortsighted actions.

Perhaps these groups should save their advice for themselves as it was their collective actions that put us in the sorry mess were in.

We can’t afford any more help or advice from them. This group should all go away as they have failed us in the past and show no promise for the future.

Max Anderson

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The writer is a business and property owner in the city of Wyoming.)

Stop Asian Carp!

If unchecked, Asian carp will decimate our fishing and recreational industries.  They are already in the Mississippi River near Winona and last week were found in the St. Croix River near Prescott, WI.

This invasive species eat the plankton and vegetation our native fish depend upon.

Minnesotans need to act today to stop this invasive species. Electric barriers are needed now, and permanent solutions need to be researched.

The legislature needs to act to provide funding before they go home!

Sue Mahler
Forest Lake

Knights Say Thanks

The Knights of Columbus Council 3657 of St. Peters Catholic Church in Forest Lake would like to thank all members of the community who dug deep in their pockets to support our annual Tootsie Roll Campaign.

More than $5800 was collected.

All of the money will be donated to organizations that are involved in helping individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

The Knights also thank the stores in Forest Lake, Wyoming and Columbus that allowed us to use their store fronts to distribute Tootsie Rolls.

We would also like to thank our Brother Knights who braved the cold, windy weather to distribute Tootsie Rolls to so many patrons. The futures of many mentally challenged persons are a little brighter today because of you.

Bruce Romie
Dan Zienty
Knights of Columbus
Forest Lake

Clarifies Position

I am writing this letter to clarify my position and thoughts on the FLAAA Sports Center, which is being discussed as a possible purchase by Forest Lake Area Schools.

I felt, and still feel, that the concept has merit. I am in support of continuing to look for a viable solution that could work well for all parties involved, and for a plan that the community could clearly see was positive.

In my opinion, more exploration and discussion is needed.

I wanted to make this point clear, because the article on this topic that appeared in last week’s Forest Lake Times seemed to suggest that I am in opposition to the arena purchase concept, which is not the case.

The leadership of FLAAA and many others involved have given countless hours of their time to support youth athletics. We in Community Education appreciate their work, and we work with FLAAA collaboratively to make sure our youth have a variety of healthy activity options available.

I would like to publicly thank FLAAA for all of their tireless work on behalf of our youth and I support continuing to work together to look for viable and financially sound options and opportunities.

Julie Ohman
Community Education
School District 831