Vets promote flag use at LILA in FL

Visit explores U.S. flag history

Members of Forest Lake American Legion Post 225 and Forest Lake VFW Post 4210 teamed up to teach U.S. flag history to second-graders at Lakes International Language Academy on May 4.

As a follow-up to their “And Justice for All” unit, students learned about design changes the U.S. flag has undergone and that worldwide, The Stars and Stripes is the third-oldest flag design still in use.

“It’s something we try to do every year for a few schools,” said American Legion and VFW member Keith Crist of the program.

Teacher Janet Dieter said the event fit well into the curriculum.

“Our unit is an inquiry into community, human rights, what is fair and justice in our school community,” she said. “Having the Legion and VFW visit helps us learn how our civic identity is shaped by people, events and symbolically important artifacts like the flag.”