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Setting the Record Straight

There seems to be some confusion concerning design and construction funding for the city of Wyoming’s upcoming skate/bike park.

Quite simply, these are dollars set aside by city developers to be used for park capital improvement projects.

There are no public, taxpayer dollars involved.

And, as for Wyoming Council member Yeager’s “diligent, lone-vote” work?

She opposed funding for much needed road repairs, as well.

Doing nothing is not the same as doing something.

Roger Elmore
EDITOR’S NOTE: Roger Elmore is a member of the Wyoming City Council and the city council liaison to the park and recreation board.)

Lost Their Way

I guess a younger Mitt Romney should be grateful that the stand-your-ground law was not in effect when he and his gang of hoodlums attacked a young man named John Lauber and cut off his hair because they suspected him of being gay.

If this had happened today Mr. Lauber would have been within his legal rights to use deadly force against Romney and his gang when attacked by a group of cowards with a sharp weapon intent on doing him harm.

Of course Mr. Romney has endorsed the stand-your-ground law but would probably say that it should not apply to protecting ones self from a elitist rich gang of cowardly young men who are just having fun assaulting another person for possibly being gay.

This is what the Republican Party has come to — picking a presidential candidate that exports jobs, destroys communities and assaults people with his gang for fun. Oh yeah, remember his famous slogan, corporations are people, my friend.

Those who would vote for and elect this ego-maniac oligarch as our president are beyond reason. I think the Republicans have lost their way when this is the best they can put forth for a presidential candidate.

Max Anderson

A Clear Choice

It seems obvious that Minnesotans will have a clear choice in November between leaders who truly value public education, jobs and the middle class and those who view our state as just a place for political games.

From paying back our schools to lowering property taxes for families and small businesses, much remains to be done to move our state forward. Unfortunately, the priorities of the Republican-led legislature have taken Minnesota backwards.

They shut down state government, protected corporate tax loopholes, borrowed billions to hide another record state budget deficit, while raising property taxes on middle class Minnesotans.

The most important task before the legislature in even number years is to pass the bonding bill. When the Senate bonding bill is supported by 18 of 37 Republicans and 27 of 30 Democrats, it tells you a lot. As Senator Nienow asked: “If a majority caucus needs most of the votes from the minority to pass a bill, what does that say about their leadership?”

We could dwell on the misplaced priorities and missed opportunities of the 2012 session, but now it’s time to look ahead.

It’s time we look to the next legislative session so we can elect new lawmakers who will develop the policies for 2013 that will give Minnesotans what they deserve, and always, took great pride in – the best public schools in the nation and a strong, healthy and dependable workforce to keep the state moving forward.

Cindy Erickson
North Branch

  • Arnold Lahd

    Regarding Linda Nanko Yeager, it’s easy being critical just for the sake of being critical. It’s not easy being a council member anywhere let along with the problems facing our city of Wyoming in the coming years. We need solutions, we’ve NEEDED SOLUTIONS. Are we a city on the rise or in decline? Right now we’re treading water. We’ve ignored our infrastructure, in the old city, in favor of living off of it (our streets) under the mantra of no new tax increases or cutting taxes. Previous politicians used it to get elected and many times, re-elected. It’s a old, one trick pony, no!…no!…no!.

    Is that wrong, no new taxes? Not if you are going to add cut!…cut!…cut! after the nay. More then once, over the last three years, I’ve personally asked for solutions and strong advocacy from Council member Yeager on helping find new solutions to our city’s problems. It was, for two years, we needed a new mayor. Check. Got that. Then it’s her against the boys. Thing is Council members Joe and Roger have come to the center and stepped up. And freshman Steve Zerwas has voted his conscious over politics even when it comes, even the Wyoming Police Department (he voted no to a budget increase, Linda voted yes).

    This is a council that can work together. That’s been shown under Mayor Peterson’s leadership. Hard choices, controversial choices, for council member Yeager, added to her “no” would have been strong and righteous advocacy to slash city staffing and benefits. That would have been the proper path to align against her no new taxes pledge. We need solutions and cooperation, and bold decision making over the next four years. Surely there’s another woman out there to step forward and offer up something more then nitpicking.