Rep. Bachmann at Disabled Veterans Rest Camp on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-06) will visit the Disabled Veterans Rest Camp in Marine on the St. Croix and participate in their Memorial Day ceremony.

She will join Major Barry Henriksen, U.S. Army Reserve (Retired), for the noon program.

The Disabled Veterans Rest Camp is located at 11300 180th Street N. The Disabled Veterans Rest Camp is open to all active duty, reservist, retired and disabled members of our military forces for vacation, rest and recreation.

  • Cathy

    NO!!! We do not want Michele Bachmann at the event. Why does she think she is wanted here?

    My dad, brother and I all served in wars (two of us disabled due to these wars) and Michele Bachmann is NOT the person we want to associate with. She does NOT hold the American values we fought for.

  • Eric Langness

    Is it open to the public?

  • Don

    Cathy you should know a little bit of history about the camp, in 2005 the camp was just about to be taken over because it was mapped into a regional park by the Metropolatin Council. Then Minnesota Senator authored a bill that took the camp out of the regional park mapping and worded it so the Camp could not taken over by eminet domain also relived it from property taxes.