FL fourth in tough state synchro field

Rangers earn medals in 11 entries

One of Forest Lake’s extended teams competes during the state synchronized swimming meet last week. The Rangers took fourth overall, marking their eighth consecutive top-five finish. Wayzata won the meet, with Stillwater placing second. (Photo by Stuart Groskreutz/Stillwater Gazette)

Forest Lake placed fourth at a highly competitive state synchronized swimming meet last Thursday and Friday at the University of Minnesota.

“During the meet I was thinking the whole time that we could get anywhere from second to fifth,” said coach Laura Davison. “There was a lot of talent and I don’t think that second through fifth place has ever been that close.”

The meet was Wayzata’s time to shine, as the Trojans won by over 100 points. Stillwater placed second with 50 points, while Edina had 43 and Forest Lake 37. St. Louis Park took fifth with 34. The Rangers placed third in 2010 and 2011.

Eleven Ranger entries medaled by placing in the top seven. The top finish came from the long trio of Stephanie Brenk, Lindsey Crohn and Andrea Dunrud. They placed second with a score of 61.4.

Dunrud, an eighth-grader, also was fourth in the long figures competition, sixth in extended figures and took third for her long solo (64.0).

Forest Lake’s top extended team placed third with 65.3 points. Members include Dunrud, Crohn, Katherine Anderson, Resa Brockman, Rachel Chatwin, Brooke Ewert, Kirsten Sewall and Morgan Sperry.

The team posted three fourth-place finishes: the long duet by Chatwin and Ewert scored 62.4, the extended duet by Anderson and Sperry scored 65.1, and the extended trio of Brockman, Ewert and Sperry scored 64.2.

The long team of Alexis Cogar, Jessica Dison, Bear Dreher, Haley Schoonover, Jordan Templeton, Stephanie Vos, Catherine Ziegelski placed fifth with a score of 58.7.

Anderson placed seventh for her extended solo (63.6), while Ewert took seventh in long figures.

Davison expects improvement next season because the short division competitors will be more experienced, but she will lose this class of seven seniors. They are: Anderson, Brockman, Ewert, Sewall, Sperry, Lauren Cooley and Alissa Ralph.

“It will be very, very hard to see them go,” Davison said. “Five of them are on the extended team and have been for three years now. It’s definitely a big loss.”