Linwood makes changes to rules governing wells

State code is adopted

Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

Linwood Town Board supervisors have adopted the Minnesota Department of Health Water Well Construction Code, Minnesota Statutes; Chapter 1031, as the construction code governing wells in Linwood Township.

Attorney Mike Haag explained that the action adopts the state codes governing wells and borings, as the township codes. Copies of the state code and the Minnesota Administrative Rules, Chapter 4725, regarding wells and borings are to be placed on file with the Linwood Township Clerk.

The town board approved the amendment by a vote of 4-0 on Tuesday, May 22 during a regular town board meeting. Supervisor Phil Osterhus was absent.

The township dog kennel ordinance was also amended. The primary change in the language is that residents who apply for a kennel license may be allowed up to 10 dog licenses, rather than entitled to the licenses. The board unanimously approved the amendment. The ordinance is to be published in its entirety.

Town board denied a request from Ed Hulsman to split a section from his property. When splitting property by metes and bounds, each parcel must have 300 feet of road frontage.  Hulsman owns about 10 acres, with a short section which has the required 300 feet of road frontage.

Supervisors followed the recommendation of the planning and zoning committee in denying the request. The suggested alternative is to plat the parcel, with each lot having the required 150 feet of road frontage. The vote was 4-0.

The board received notice from Crown Castle, the company that owns the communication tower in Broadbent Park, that it is adding equipment to the tower.  Sprint is to add three antennas, two microwave dishes, five cables and eight tower-mounted amplifiers to the equipment already on the tower. Two cabinets are to be added to the platform on the ground and fiber optic cables will also be added.

The existing equipment will remain on the tower for between six and 12 months.  The change is in accordance with the lease signed in 2001.

Filing Notice

Beginning July 31, residents interested in running for the office of supervisor or township clerk may file for candidacy at the Linwood Town Hall.

Supervisors serve four-year terms. Three seats are open this year.

Responsibilities include attendance at two board meetings a month and additional meetings are required by liaison assignments. Compensation is $275 a month with $75 for additional meetings.

Seat B is held by Phil Osterhus. Mike Parker, who is also chair, holds Seat C.  Seat E is held by Michael Budde.

The position of town clerk is also up for election. Primary responsibilities include keeping an accurate record of board meeting, securely maintain the books, records, and papers of the township. Additional responsibilities are to keep financial records, record of audits, and other fiscal records of the township.

The clerk also posts information about meetings and has important role in conduct of elections.  The position is held by Judy Hanna.

The last day affidavits of candidacy will be accepted is 5 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 14. Candidates may withdraw their affidavits until 5 p.m., August 16

Other Matters

Libby Knapp raised questions about flood insurance which her bank says is required to establish a line of credit. Her request is that township officials request updated maps from FEMA which more accurately delineate specific flood-zone risk.

Those references were most recently updated about 1980. Officials will make a request for more current maps.

A reminder to the board and residents. Dairy Queen is hosting a fund-raiser for Linwood Family Fun Day on June 13, from 6-9: p.m., 10 percent of profits are to go to the fund raiser.

Other Business

In other business, the board

Accepted a letter of resignation from Brian McCullough from the Linwood Park Board. The vote was 4-0.

•Learned from Peter Schaub, Great River Energy representative, that he will attend the June 26th board meeting to explain status of the 69kV power line project.

•Approved payment of the May 22 bills in the amount of $33,370.15. This includes $23,500 for the 2011 township audit.  The vote was unanimous.

•Residents were reminded of the Linwood Pet Clinic scheduled 9-11 a.m., Saturday, June 2 at the Linwood Town Hall.

•Unanimously approved the minutes of the May 8 board meeting.