Crosswalk confusion among Open Forum thoughts

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A Proven Record

I am delighted to see Julie Bunn is running for State Senate in the new District 39. After watching the political climate in Wisconsin become more and more divisive, it is good to know we have candidates in Minnesota who will be able to forge a working relationship with legislators on both sides of the aisle.

Julie has proven her ability to get things done at the state level by crafting sound fiscal and tax policy.

She has also been a champion for local projects.

Julie has demonstrated legislative leadership:  she chief authored passing legislation to clean up a local landfill (Lake Elmo), and she crafted nationally-recognized legislation to set up bio-monitoring health tracking studies of PFC pollution. Julie also authored or co-authored legislation such as the Stillwater levy project, Bayport storm sewer diversion, and security and lighting upgrade project at the OPH Correctional Facility.

We need leaders like Julie Bunn who have experience, who are willing to work hard in our behalf, and who know how to get things done.

Jill Tammen

A Blind Eye

Once again there was no media coverage in the paper or TV about the Rally for Religious Freedom on June 8 in Minneapolis.

This was the second such rally where thousands peacefully gathered to protest the Obama Administration’s health care mandate which forces religious employers to pay for services that directly violate the teachings of their faith.

We have the great privilege to live in a free country. Our servicemen put their lives in harm’s way to protect these freedoms.

Yet when these freedoms, as guaranteed by the Constitution are under attack by the Obama Administration, the mainstream media turns a blind eye. This is not a Catholic issue. This is an American issue.

Continue to contact your legislators to express your outrage.

Your voice needs to be heard.

Mary Stolz
Forest Lake


How it Works

Please explain how the pedestrian crosswalk on Lake Street (US-61) and 2nd Avenue in Forest Lake works.

First, the light stays a solid red while the pedestrian crosses the highway. Then it starts flashing, and finally the red lights turn off.

While the solid red light is on, all traffic is to come to a complete stop and not proceed. When the lights start flashing, observe whether or not there are pedestrians and then you may proceed with caution just like any other flashing red.

Once the lights turn off all together, it is still a crosswalk.

A possible solution to any confusion as to when to proceed would be to just have the solid light and not the flashing light at all. Then you stay put until the red lights are off.

Thank you to the people that shook their fists at me, or shook their heads with disgust. That gave me the opportunity to confirm what I knew and perked my interest on educating the public.

Joi Simpson
Forest Lake