FLPD assists in deer rescue

There was an incident involving a deer and Forest Lake police today, June 22, and it had a happy ending for all involved. The granddaughter of Forest Lake resident Dan Scholl, of 23170 Itasca Ave. Circle N., discovered a deer impaled on the property’s fence. Scholl and officer Scott Gordon lifted the deer off the fence. “It appeared to be moving fairly well as it left the gate,” Scholl said. (Photo submitted)
  • Barb Gajeski

    See-it goes to show you all,one right corrects the wrong. Even though, I still think the deer killing could have been avoided if questions were asked first? I sure hope that momma deer got back to her babies. It might have been lunch time. Thanks to Officer Gordon in helping her get off the fence. God only knows what would have happened if he didn’t. Thanks again, Scott.

  • M

    Im supprised they just didnt shoot it.

    • Carolynn

      I’m GLAD they didn’t shoot it 😛