Fairview Lakes garden tour July 15 will feature FL home

Pam Blomberg found early inspiration while living in Charleston, SC


For Forest Lake resident Pam Blomberg, the love of gardening began as a tiny seed planted in Charleston, SC, when she was 23-years-old with two small children. Like many young mothers, she didn’t have the time to garden, but was nevertheless inspired by an 89-year-old neighbor, who became her first mentor.

Pam Blomberg invites you to drop by her Forest Lake garden, where you’ll see this interesting Corkscrew Willow. Blomberg’s garden is one of ten featured in the Fairview Lakes Auxiliary’s July 15 garden tour. (Photo submitted)

Pam’s green thumb, and her garden, improved steadily. Each time her family moved, some plants came with her, from Charleston to Anoka, to Faribault—where she joined a garden club, and then, seven years ago, to Forest Lake. Now retired, Blomberg has organized and coordinated the many interesting and unusual plants she collected over the years in her well-groomed suburban garden.

Last year, the opportunity to do some new landscaping inspired Blomberg to create color-coordinated groupings—yellow flowers, white flowers, purple and blues each in their own carefully plotted space. Also ringing the house are 125 varieties of amazingly lush and robust hostas.

Blomberg confesses to have a passion for collecting unusual plants, and she knows how to show off these unique specimen plants to their best advantage. One of the most amazing—a 30-foot tall Corkscrew Willow, grown from a twig—guards her driveway. Each branch of the graceful tree shows off its twists and curlicues.

Also among Blomberg’s favorites are her fern-leaf peonies, whose red flowers bloom early each June, and a unique shrub known as “Seven Sons” whose blossoms last year attracted a flock of Monarch butterflies to her yard. Other favorites include a magnolia tree, a Black Magic elderberry, an Egyptian “walking” onion, monkshood and a 10-foot tall French pussy willow.

Blomberg embellishes the garden with handiwork—hand-painted birdhouses, a garden bench that she decorated with a scene reminiscent of Carolina beaches, and a lighthouse mailbox turned into a hideaway for garden tools and gloves. Like most gardeners, Blomberg is a habitual weed-puller. To keep pulled weeds from cluttering the yard, she cleverly hides the weeds in empty flowerpots that have been tucked into inconspicuous corners of the gardens.

Blomberg believes in sharing the riches of her garden, frequently gives plants and cuttings to others, and sells dozens of plants as a fund-raiser for her old garden club each spring.

Among her recent accomplishments is an album containing photos of her plants and detailed diagrams of each garden plot, with every plant carefully numbered and identified, along with its name, color and growth habit.

July 15 Tour

Blomberg will be happy to show the album to everyone who attends the Fairview Lakes Auxiliary’s annual garden tour from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday, July 15.

Blomberg’s garden is one of 10 gardens in Forest Lake, Stacy and Wyoming featured in this year’s event.

Tickets and maps for the tour are now on sale for $15 at all local Fairview Clinics, the Fairview Lakes Medical Center Gift Shop in Wyoming, The Yellow Bus in Forest Lake, Waldoch Farms in Lino Lakes and Crabtree’s Garden Gate in Scandia.

Proceeds of the tour benefit the Donna Mathias Student Service Award, one of the auxiliary’s ongoing scholarship programs.

On the day of the tour, tickets will be sold at Fairview Lakes Medical Center until noon.