Linwood resident has road concerns

Alice Pickering
Linwood Reporter

In a discussion about township road policies, Gary Wettschreck on Tuesday, June 26 told the Linwood Town Board he’s concerned about what he calls poor grading on Fontana Street.

Supervisor Phil Osterhus, the liaison to the road and bridge committee, said there are differences of opinion about how the work is to be done.

The town board member reported that the re-surfacing of Typo Creek Drive NE (CR-85) is nearly complete. Road stripes remain to be painted, but the road surface is improved.

Wettschreck is also concerned that when township ditches are mowed, two employees are needed. A driver is in a truck behind the mower for safety reasons.

Anoka County equipment can work in the ditches, but the township mower is designed to work from the shoulders and needs the guard vehicle.

Osterhus also reported that major improvements are being made on 227th Lane. This is a sub-standard road.

In one instance there is a large white oak tree inside the road right-of-way. The owner was asked to come to the meeting, but did not. Attorney Mike Haag is to check the legal books for alternatives as the board would like to save the oak.

Cemetery Committee

Cindy Gruett, cemetery committee chair, had questions about the original cemetery records. The cemetery records have been converted to digital format and the original books have been rebound. The ultimate goal is to turn these original documents over to the Anoka County Historical Society archives.

Since the cemetery committee has entered the information on the computer, records were to continue on the computer program. Clerk Judy Hanna explained that she has not received the software and the computer disc to continue the record keeping. Ray Broadbent and Hanna have continued entering information in the books.

There is a difference of opinion about vases in the cemetery. The committee wants to authorize only upright flower stands.

Mowing is complicated and time-consuming when the mower has to go around vertical monuments.  The flat memorial stones make it easier to maintain the cemetery, according to Supervisor Mike Budde. This adds to employee time for maintenance.

One question is whether the committee can unilaterally establish regulations. There is to be further discussion of both issues to reach workable agreements.


P&Z Topics

Attorney Haag provided updates on the comprehensive plan. The P&Z has the revised code book and is reviewing changes.

Following the recommendation of the P&Z. the board denied a variance request from Earl Kimsey to build a detached garage closer to the road than the ordinance setback requirements. The vote was unanimous.

The board recommended that Kimsey apply to build an attached garage. Fees for the new application are to be waived.


Other Topics

The board approved payment of the June 30 bills of $102,131.08. The total includes $53,197.75 for the second quarter Anoka County Sheriff’s Contract and an annually insurance premium $22,658.06.

The other large payment is $12,098.04, which is half the annual payment to the Sunrise River Watershed Management Organization for 2012. Linwood comprises 46.4 percent of the area in the SRWMO and pays the same percentage of the non-operating expenses, $22,872.88, plus 25 percent of the administrative expenses, $1,325, for a total of $24,197.88. The vote was 5-0.

Tom Searing, Golden Club president, was upset about the letter from the Linwood Family Fun Day Committee requesting a $35 fee for a booth for the club at the event. For groups associated with the township (i.e. scouts, seniors) the fee is waived.

Other Business

In other business, the board:

•Reminded residents the Primary Election is scheduled Tuesday, Aug. 14. The town board meeting set for Aug. 14 will be rescheduled or begin at 8:15 p.m.

•Approved minutes of the May 22 town board meeting.

•As recommended by Osterhus, approved the purchase of 50 thermos mugs and 1000 pens with recycling theme for volunteers. The vote was unanimous.

•Approved the petty cash report.