Marketing deal stalled for FL Business Park

The Forest Lake City Council could not come to a consensus Monday regarding the extension of the city’s agreement with Gaughan Companies for the marketing of the Airport Business Park. With Councilmember Susan Young absent, two votes resulted in 2-2 ties, sending the issue to a future agenda. The first motion – to approve the extension – saw opposition from members Mike Freer and Jackie McNamara, who wanted to cap at a lower number the percentage of commission the city would owe on any transactions. The second motion – to give the Economic Development Authority the power to resolve the issue – earned nay votes from Freer and Councilman Jim DuFour. The council did vote 4-0 to pay Gaughan $11,952 for commission on a sale to Teamvantage, a Forest Lake company that will build a new facility in the business park.