City patient on FLAAA parking lot

Rather than cash a letter of credit, it appears the city of Forest Lake will be patient with the Forest Lake Area Athletic Association regarding the lack of progress on a parking lot at the organization’s Sports Center.

The original site improvement agreement from 2008 calls for the completion of the parking lot on the southeast corner of the facility. FLAAA in late 2008 received from the city council an extension for the improvement until fall of 2009, and the dirt lot remains unfinished today.

Staff and members of the city council at a workshop last week considered having the city cash a line of credit for $56,000 and complete the project itself. However, Mayor Chris Johnson felt the city should hold off as FLAAA is facing financial challenges regarding the facility.

  • F.L.Resident

    That’s a bunch of B.S.! Why should the city be cashing out for them. I too have financial difficulties and my driveway is starting to crumble, does that mean the city is willing to jump in and fix it for me? That complex should have never been built in the first place and I am sick of everyone wanting to bail it out. Why should tax payers of this city, whom the majority that have no need for this useless facility, be forced to pay for it? What a freaking joke!

  • FL taxpayer

    I agree with previous commenter. And flaaa might want to quit spending their money on parties too.