Council filings open July 31 in 4 area cities

Cliff Buchan
News Editor

Four mayoral positions and eight council seats will be up for election this fall when residents of four area cities go to the polls.

The filing period for the Tuesday, Nov. 6 election opens on Tuesday, July 31 and continues for 14 days, closing at 5 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Residents of Columbus, Forest Lake, Scandia and Wyoming will see local elections. In all four cities, mayors and two council members will be up for election. Mayoral terms are for two years while council terms are four years. All area cities elect representatives at-large.

The following is a list of the current city officials who must decide if they will seek reelection.

Community members interested in learning more about the positions should contact their respective city halls. Filings also take place at city hall.


Mayor Dave Povolny is completing his first two-year term in Columbus.

Council seats in Columbus that will be up for election are occupied now by Denny Peterson and Jeff Duraine. They were elected in 2008.

Forest Lake

In Forest Lake, Mayor Chris Johnson is completing his first two-year term.

Council seats now filled by Jackie  McNamara and Jim DuFour are up for election. Both were elected to four-year terms in 2008.


In Scandia, the current mayor, Randall Simonson, is completing his first two-year term.

Council seats filled by Connie Amos and Chris Ness are both up for election on Nov. 6.


In Wyoming, first term Mayor Eric Peterson’s post is on the Nov. 6 ballot.

The two council seats in Wyoming that are up for election this fall are now filled by Linda Nanko Yeager and Joe Zerwas.

The city council in Wyoming has also received a citizens’ petition calling for a reverse referendum on a city council decision to issue bonds of $2.5 million to acquire the former RiverBank building as the new city hall and to remodel and expand the current city hall building into a public safety center for local police and fire.

  • Arnold Lahd

    Let me be the first to nominate councilman Joe Zerwas for reelection. I have talked to him and his son, councilman Steve Zerwas, and expressed my sincere apologies for doubting their abilities to govern effectively as father and son. Each is their own man. I had great reservations in 2010 at the idea of the two of them on the same Wyoming City Council. I aggressively chastised the idea. Yet as I’ve attended repeated council meetings, since, both have shown the upmost cooperation in working with Mayor Eric Peterson to move our city forward. The chemistry, of common understanding, from those with greatly varying perspectives, shows that we can move forward, united, solving our long term problems by believing in the good of our citizens and combined community spirit. It’s for this reason I have urged Joe Zerwas, as my elder, to stand for another term. He represents a important constituent, those of us who sense what makes our Wyoming great and why we are proud to live here. His presence is needed now more then ever.

    • The Watcher

      Mr Lahd,

      Are you sure that Council Members Zerwas that have started working with Mayor Peterson? From my observations it seems that Mayor Peterson who has started going along with the other boys instead.

      When Mayor Peterson was campaigning for Mayor 2 years ago, he told everybody that his approach was going to be quite different from path he has taken.

      The Watcher

      • Gerald Wickum

        Its them good old boys at it again. We need Sandy back or even Lynne Koaloska matched up with a new mayor Yeager. Time for the men folk to step aside.

  • Jim Oversen

    Someone please elect officials that stop expanding the police effort and their selfish wants and needs for our police department. They really think the public doesn’t see that they are continually hiring police officers, expanding the department, giving them new buldings, buying new cars for the chief, the chief driving to Husdson everyday on the Wyoming sity residents dime, etc. Enough is enough. Please break up the 3-2 majority of Mayor and Zerwas’ that continue to say “yes” to everything poolice related.

  • Ginny McToy

    A flat budget with no tax increases will take cure all this. Shake the money tree for four more years under our watchdog councilwoman. Layoffs and trim the pork laden city employees. Jim together we can make it happen!

  • Arnold Lahd

    Mr Watcher,
    You’re mistaken. It was Linda Nanko Yeager who said she’d work with Eric Peterson after admitting she couldn’t work with Sheldon Anderson. Supposedly she was to help move this council to the center. Instead Mayor Peterson showed the others he is a fiscal conservative. Think not? Think he and Joe Zerwas aren’t reasonable? Think they are big spenders? Nanko Yeager wants zero tax increases as do her supporters. But what are they quick to tell you? They say there will be no budget cuts, no hiring freezes, no staff layoffs, no street improvements. Really now. Really. Believe what you want. A flat budget in inflationary times means a hiring freeze and staff reductions through attrition. No street improvements for 4 years means $400,000 wasted on patching and covering. It also means department heads in that I see of them leaving if we are done here (on lock down). Sounds exciting. I urge you, Watcher, to do more then watch and get these flat budget advocates elected. Then ask yourselves in 4 years if you’re better off?