Funding planned for air quality improvements at FLHS

$3 million project to take place over 2 summers

Mary Bailey
Staff Writer

In a couple years, high school students will be breathing air that’s twice as fresh.

The Forest Lake School Board approved the major air quality upgrade at their Thursday, July 19 meeting.

The two-year project will result in a doubling of the volume of fresh air brought in.

Currently, classrooms receive an inflow of 7 cubic feet per minute. The new equipment will supply outside air to classrooms at the rate of 15 cubic feet per minute, the current building code standard.

Office air quality will be brought to an even higher standard of 20 cubic feet per minute of fresh air, as required by code.

The improvements to the dehumidification system and ductwork will take place in the A and C classroom wings and the media center.

Next summer, before the 2013-2014 school year, the district will spend $1.5 million on the project. The other $1.5 million will be spent the following summer.

The high school is using the original air conditioning equipment installed when the school was built in 1972.

The filters in the current equipment are 20 percent efficient. Current standards call for 65 percent efficient filters.

Exhaust systems for bathrooms and janitors’ closets will also be improved.

The project is part of the two-year health and safety budget that was approved at the meeting.

The document will be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education for review.