Dog park, politics among Open Forum topics

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Policy Reminder

As a reminder to Open Forum writers, endorsement letters will not be published in the Thursday, Aug. 9 Forest Lake Times per the newspaper’s policy on letters in the issue prior to an election. Endorsement letters are limited to two letters per individual and can be no more than 200 words in length. — Cliff Buchan

Dog Park Clarifier

In response to Lyn Palacheck, Oppose Dog Park letter and other residents on Field Ave., a few clarifications are necessary.

As a park board member I don’t recall looking at Field Ave. as the primary parking area if a dog park would be installed at Banta Park. I believe we thought one of the positives of this park was its already existing good size parking lot on Fondant Ave. I’d also like to clarify that the person you quoted to be “especially antagonistic confrontational and unwilling to discuss issues and concerns of residents” was not a park board member, but a resident and strong supporter of a dog park.

The canvassing of homes (names) in Wyoming that was brought to the board was done to show dog park interest in Wyoming, not any certain park. That is left to the board to determine. With the amount of names in support of a dog park, that gave the board reason to explore sites. A couple have been looked at.

When residents come forth with suggestion about parks and recreations it is the park board’s responsibility to explore the idea. It is also important for the park board to listen to and address concerns, which we have. Decisions need to be made and not everyone will be in agreement all of the time.

Wyoming has many wonderful parks with several that are able to be developed.

As a board member I will continue to look at the parks we have to see if there is a “fit” for a dog park. We have several that can be looked at and we will consider all concerns and ideas.

I’d invite those who are interested in the progress of this topic and others to watch the meeting minutes or attend the meetings. Note that the board has open seats available for those who want to get involved.

Tammy Liljedahl


Karen for Karin

On Tuesday, Aug. 14th, please join me in supporting Karin Housley for State Senate. After supporting Ray Vandeveer in that position for years, I am excited to see we will have another solid conservative to represent us.

Primary races are very important and are often won with a small amount of voters participating. It is especially important that we all take the time to vote in this Senate race.

Karin Housley operates a small business in Stillwater and understands the problems associated with small businesses. Karin has a weekly radio show on 1220 KLBB, and is involved with numerous community activities. Karin understands the importance of education and the problems associated with education funding.

She has been married for 27 years to former NHL player and current Stillwater High School hockey coach, Phil Housley. They have four children. Karin cares about people and will represent us well. Don’t forget to mark your calendars and join me in voting for Karin Housley on August 14th.

Karen Morehead
Forest Lake


Planet Concerns

What we are experiencing is exactly what was predicted by the vast majority of climate scientists from around the world.

Increased carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere, created by man-made use of fossil-fuels has created an increasingly warming planet. Such a planet has more weather extremes. Such a planet has increasingly warmer average temperatures.

This is putting a strain on all manner of wildlife, with species destruction sometimes being the end result. A good example is the polar bear, facing ever diminishing ice formations and thus drowning as it searches to find them.

I would like to meet like-minded people in the Forest Lake area. Persons concerned about sustainability, alternative energy and climate change.

There must be a ground-swell of concern from average citizens to bring about the changes needed in legislative policy at the national level. If you would like to see an organized effort happening in this area, contact me at  612-816-0808

Gloria L. Stephens
Forest Lake


Anderson’s Attacks

Some Wednesdays when the paper is delivered and I open it to the opinion page, the same vile smell slithers out, and sure enough, another hateful, methane and bile letter from Max Anderson.

What a pitiful person. May God lay a blessing on the family of this man.

Mr. Editor, I believe you are in violation of your paper’s policy of limiting insertions of politically themed letters during the political season from the same person. Mr. Editor, why do you even waste your space in the crowded opinion space on this diatribe? In serves no good purpose, offends many, does not further the public discourse and benefits no one but himself.

Mr. Anderson is the owner of a company in Wyoming that does silk screen type printing of logos, names, etc. on sweatshirts, jackets and T-shirts. The vast majority of business comes from contracts with various unions and probably the Democrat Party, too.

So the more attacks he makes, the more contracts he gets from the union high muckety-mucks.

To paraphrase Dennis Miller, a radio and TV comedy/commentator personality, “He’s so far in the tanks for unions, the Democrat Party and the current Denizen of the White House (sorry I forgot his name) if he ever came up for air, he would get the bends.”

I just had to state my opinion. Thanks for your ear, Mr. Editor.

Lee Perrault
Forest Lake


A Great Tournament

The golf tournament fund-raiser on Saturday, July 28 at Castlewood Golf Course for the 2013 4th of July Parade and Fireworks went off without a hitch and we had fabulous weather to boot!

I want to thank all of the businesses who supported this event on behalf of  American Legion Post 225. It is because of the support that we receive from these businesses and the community that we are able to continue making the 4th of July parade and fireworks possible for the Forest Lake area.

I also want to thank all of the volunteers who helped with this event.  You are wonderful to work with and your efforts are very much appreicated!

Carol Peterson
Forest Lake


Statesmen Needed

Two years ago Minnesota voters elected a Republican majority in the legislature and a Democrat governor.

Opposing Gov. Dayton’s agenda to raise taxes and increase spending, the legislature held the line on taxes and reduced the red tape of government bureaucracy which allowed growth in the private sector. As a result Minnesota’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average, 5 percent versus 8 percent.

Republicans fought against the nationalization of our health care system, improved teacher quality to help students achieve and give parents more choice in their children’s education. They curbed the astronomical growth in health and human services spending which was escalating out of control. They passed the Photo ID amendment which safeguards against voter fraud.

Good legislators build coalitions with both parties.

Sen. Sean Nienow teamed with DFL Sen. John Marty to pass accountability and transparency in Medicaid programs. Rep. Bob Barrett built bipartisan support for his synthetic drug bill which passed both houses by a combined vote of 181-6.

We need statesmen like Sean Nienow and Bob Barrett reelected. It would be a disaster to give Mark Dayton a Democrat majority in the legislature.

Gus Gulbranson


Please Explain

I recently received in the mail a political ad for a woman running in hopes of representing the 8th District as our congressperson. What struck me was her red bullet point promising to protect against Tea Party radicals working to turn back the clock.

Can someone explain to me what is so radical about getting rid of waste and fraud in government; expecting tax dollars to be used wisely and not to overfeed the government pig; reducing the size and intrusiveness of government; expecting government to not spend more than it takes in; and to not raise taxes until the aforementioned issues have been addressed and corrected?

When did personal responsibility, self reliance, self control, living within our means (personal or governmental), love of God and love of country become radical? If those things are radical, than I have to admit to being a Tea Party radical. I’ll continue to vote for people who share my values: Congressman Chip Cravaack, Rep. Bob Barrett and Sen. Sean Nienow.

Thank you gentleman for working to hold back the clock on unnecessary and wasteful spending and for your efforts to bring back prosperity to America and Minnesota.

Carolyn Alm
Chisago City