Third Lake family has unexpected guest

After landing on the roof, the eagle eventually retrieved the fish it had dropped.

When Mary Franssen carried her morning coffee to the deck at 6:15 last Tuesday morning, she had a visitor.

An eagle flew toward her, fish hanging.  For some reason — perhaps because her approach startled him — the eagle dropped the fish on her deck.

But the bird still wanted its breakfast, so it landed on the roof.

“Honey, you gotta get out here now,” Mary called to her husband, Adrian.  “There’s an eagle on the roof, and he wants that fish.”

The eagle hesitated to come down, but eventually landed on the rail, then flew to the deck, picked up its morning catch, and used the rail for take-off.

“Honey, we had breakfast delivered,” Mary told Adrian.  But the deliverer ended up with the meal.

The Franssens live on Jewel Lane east of Timm’s Marina.