Writers have opinions on Bachmann’s comments

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Bachmann’s Lifeline

Reaction to Michele Bachmann’s allegations that the U.S. government is being infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood continues loudly, yet reaction to the support these allegations generate in and outside of her district seems muted.

If the pundits are correct, Bachmann’s allegations will energize her base and raise money for her reelection campaign.

Nothing, it seems, deters Bachmann’s supporters, not an endless stream of embarrassing statements and gaffes, not her abandonment of Minnesota during her presidential run (Iowa, it turns out, is where her heart is), or her embrace of positions that would make Barry Goldwater cringe. Pick an issue and watch Bachmann race to the out-of-bounds marker (recall her promise to eliminate the country’s $17 trillion debt in one year if elected president).

Elected officials who engage in politics that are equal parts preposterous and polarizing deserve our scorn, more so if this is their only obvious area of expertise.

Rep. Bachmann’s Muslim Brotherhood allegations seem to again be upping the ante in the political poker game that is her lifeline. But I have to wonder: If Bachmann is reelected what allegations will accompany her next reelection bid to generate support, especially if President Obama is reelected?

They have to top the Muslim Brotherhood claims, engage her Minnesota supporters and their pocketbooks, and provide access to multiple news cycles.

How about “President Obama building a mosque on the moon,”or “Teacher unions to run ObamaCare death panels,” or “Obama to make Kenya the 51st state.”  You are welcome, Michele.

Michael Harwell
Forest Lake

Janicke Misguided

Mr. Janicke, thank you from sparing us your opinion on Congressman Bachmann. If your initial thoughts were as misguided as your new topic of choice, we are all better off.

Yes, this country is awash in guns. Thank God for that. The founders included the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights to assure we can maintain the other nine amendments. Your right to free speech, or to not be unreasonably searched, or not to incriminate yourself never stopped a tyrannical regime from taking the right to life you hold so dear.

I would argue the right to bear arms does not impede your right to life — it assures it. Annually, cars kill more Americans than guns. Should we take them away?  You noted that lives were lost in malls, schools, churches and theaters. These places have one thing in common, they all ban the possession of firearms.

Predators, like the Colorado killer, prey on the weak and helpless, not the strong.  The shepherd (police) does not protect the sheep. The sheep dogs (armed citizens) defend the sheep (you) from the wolves.

The answer is not to confiscate guns. That won’t stop evil people from doing terrible things.

Columbine, Red Lake, Virginia Tech — our collective answer has been the same —  blame guns, not the killer. Guns kill people like forks make people fat.

The Aurora killer’s first weapon of choice was not one of those scary “assault weapons.” It was a Remington 870 shotgun, the same gun that most every sportsman in America used to take their first pheasant or duck.

Brad Ziernicki

Note of Praise

I wanted to write a note of praise to our local paper on behalf of the North Lakes Academy students and their coordinators for the stellar job they did in helping their community.

Earlier this summer 11 students along with Mr. Higgins and Mr. Nelson did some community service projects at St. Paul Lutheran Church. The students were the most polite, willing and respectful young people that you could ever hope to work alongside.

They accomplished many projects in and around the church grounds that would have taken us many ministry hours to accomplish. We thought the community should know how fortunate we are to have such wonderful students living and helping in our community.

Thanks to all for their amazing work!

Pastor Renee Patterson
St. Paul Lutheran Church

Night to Shine!

Thank you to the Forest Lake High School Class of 1977 alumni and the community members who generously contributed to TEFFLA (The Education Foundation of the Forest Lake Area) at the 1977 reunion reception June 8.

The class of 1977’s event was focused on giving back to their community by supporting education. Their celebration evening helped grow the foundation’s endowment fund significantly, raising almost $12,000!

Those donations give TEFFLA the ability to make grants for programs and initiatives to benefit Forest Lake Area Schools, students and the surrounding communities. TEFFLA donated an iPad to Wyoming Elementary School and for designing the Judge’s Choice Winner of the Build-A-Boat Challenge for the 2012 Lake Fest celebration.

It was your night to shine, Forest Lake High School Class of 1977 – Thank you!

Laurel Walker
Executive Director
The Education
Foundation of
Forest Lake Area

Perrault’s Hypocrisy

What a confused person Mr. Lee Perrault is.

He starts out in his opinion letter by calling names and making accusations and diving right into the cesspool he accuses me of living in and wallows around with an expertise of previous know how. Of course this class act did not once disagree with anything I said. The fact is he just did not like it and wanted to call me names to make himself feel better and that’s OK.

It never fails to amaze me of the shear stupidity of people. Here is an obvious right-winger attacking a small business that brings commerce to the community, pays commercial taxes and never took a government handout like many of the other local business and farmers in this community have. What a heaping dish of hypocrisy that is considering the current political climate.

The fact is that I pay a good wage. I provide full employer paid health and pension to my full-time employees and most importantly sell only products that are made in the USA. To explain that to you, Mr. Perrault, that means I only sell products that are made in the United States of America and treat my employees well.

Personally, I believe it would be a better country if more businesses followed this set of principles and a business philosophy of promoting American workers and products and not taking government handouts and keeping their profits in America to build a stronger country and economy.

If Mr. Perrault disagrees with or wants to denigrate my business philosophy of treating workers fair and selling only American products without government help he certainly has the right to his view. I think he is wrong.

Max Anderson

  • max anderson

    Mr. Ziernicki,

    You obviously don’t want the facts to get in the way of the inaccurate information you put forth in your letter.

    Here are the facts.

    There are 27 Amendments to the constitution not nine.

    In addition there are also six pending amendments dating back to 1789 all the way to 1978 of these four are still pending and two expired.

    More facts

    The Aurora Colorado killer James Holmes used 3 different kinds of guns during his assault on a Colorado movie theater .

    The Aurora Police said that Holmes was in possession of an AR-15, a Remington 870 shotgun and a 40 caliber Glock handgun when he was arrested.

    Cops say they found another 40 caliber Glock in the shooter’s car, located right outside the movie theater.

    An AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon … capable of firing off hundreds of rounds per minute.

    As usual those that want to send a false message are minimizing the weapons used in this assault and will misstate the actual events surrounding tragedies like this , while I agree with Mr. Ziernicki on the 2nd amendment rights to own firearms I also believe there are limits to any rights when they can impede on the rights of others in such a large deadly way.

    After reading Mr. Ziernicki’s letter I would assume he believes we all should be allowed to own nuclear devises just in case we need them to protect ourselves. This may sound silly but it illustrates limits on what weapons one can have under the law and reasonable limits to protect the general public from other citizens.

    AR-15s and 100 round clips like the one used by the criminal committing this horrific act in Colorado has no place in the hands of civilians. There is a host of other weapons to exercise the rights given forth under the second amendment and reasonable Americans understand this an support it.

    Let’s face another fact, this person who murdered many in Colorado was dressed in full body armor including head and hand armor. An armed citizen could have done little in this case especially in a dark theatre filled with panicking people running around trying to escape, a person armed with a baseball bat would have had a better chance to take down a person so protected with armor than a citizen with a firearm.

    Let’s face another fact, far more deaths are attributed to accidental discharge of firearms than deaths occurring in self protection, more weapons wind up in the hands of criminals that are stolen from homes that fail to secure their weapons than are purchased by those meaning us harm. If you own a gun and and it was unsecured and stolen and used in a crime where someone was killed how would you feel about that? I would encourage those that keep weapons in their homes to fully secure them to protect against misuse and theft, unfortunately this is a common occurrence across our country, people taking personal responsibility would go a long way in eliminating many deaths and injuries due to accidents and theft, we don’t need laws to do this, just people using common sense..

    Safety is what the old NRA was all about before it became a partisan lobbyist group for the right wing, the NRA used to be about responsible firearms education and training, it was about hunting and families, they were admired nation wide by most Americans because they really focused on safety, training and people and not politics, now they seem to be just another buyer of politicians and promoter of right wing causes that hope to keep enough members happy to continue funding them and dividing Americans along the way in the process, follow the money, you get more funding from angry paranoid people than members wanting to hunt and use firearms for recreation. In my opinion that is why the NRA went with the angry method, more money.

    The paranoia and nationalistic rabble rousing we have witnessed lately from fringe people like Michelle Bachmann, Alan West and those defending them is a dangerous road to go down and will only further excite mentally unstable people to commit horrible acts like the current events in Colorado and Wisconsin.

    Let’s do away with the politics of gun ownership and get back to responsible ownership of firearms, training and reasonable limits, surely we have things we can agree on instead of continuing to divide ourselves further as politics become nastier and more hateful.