Good deeds, politics are topics for Open Forum

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Taste Great!

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the participating restaurants, the 350 guests, and the many sponsors, basket contributors, and committee members who made our July 19th, 2012 TASTE! fund-raiser for the Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau such a successful event!

Very special thanks to our host, Stars and Strikes Entertainment Center, and our corporate co-sponsor, Wealth Management Midwest LLC, Dave Purdy of Forest Lake.

By all of us working together, we raised over $11,000 in support of LAYSB youth enrichment and leadership programs!

Mark your calendars on July 18, 2013 and join us again next year!

Jeanne Walz
Executive Director
Lakes Area YSB
Forest Lake

FL Truly Blessed

At the end of March I was in a minor car accident. The next day I went to see Dr. Richard Ottomeyer of Ottomeyer Clinics about possible whiplash and chiropractic care. I have known Dr. Ottomeyer for 14 years. I have been his patient, he has been my student, we have worked together professionally on community events.

I informed him that I have a large lump on the side of my neck that he should be aware of before treating me. He examined it and agreed. He could have told me, “Go get it checked out and come back when you know something.” He did not. Instead, he made an appointment to have X-rays and an MRI done at two separate locations.

Next, he had the results so that he could inform me that I have cancer. But before informing me he researched the type of cancer, contacted a well known specialist in that field and consulted about possible options for me.

He used his extensive networking connections and made sure I was taken as a patient at the U of M oncology department – one of the top centers in the USA. He has followed my condition and treatment over the past few months making sure I am being well cared for and getting the best possible advice.

My case is not unusual for Dr. Ottomeyer. I am confident he would do this for any of his patients. He is an active and giving member of the community being a member of the Rotary, active in church, a member of the Senior Advisory Board for the Forest Lake Safety Camp, on the board and treasurer for Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau, long time member of Business Networking International, on the board of the Community Scholarship Fund, and others I am sure.

I am truly grateful for the time, effort, concern and prayers Dr. Ottomeyer has given me. Forest Lake is truly blessed to have such a man in its community working for us.

Chuck Phillips
Forest Lake

Political Drift

After laughing through the latest “Ice Age” movie, I couldn’t help but see a darker message about my own life.

Scrat could be me or any middle class parent chasing the elusive dream of a better life for our children. Scrat’s chasms and mountains represented in our life by our insecurities about our jobs, our businesses, healthcare costs, tuition, house payments, retirement – you name it!

Just when we think we can harvest that golden acorn – puff… reality snatches it away.

Then there are the “sirens” in the ocean – our politicians.  And their sweet alluring music that confuses us with its linguistics and mesmerizes us with its distortions and scares us into belief.

“If we just lower taxes and reduce spending” or “if we just raise taxes and spend more.”

And finally, our political parties – the giant chimp steering the boat that no one wants to talk about. The two percent of our population that carves out voting districts and then provides a slate of sufficiently crazy liberals or conservatives that we get to vote for leaving us two political continents drifting further apart each election cycle.

And here I thought it was the popcorn I ate during the movie that gave me heartburn.

Wade Vitalis
Taylors Falls

Daningers Dedicated

I’d like to thank Cliff Buchan for the beautiful coverage of Farm/City Day at Autumnwood Farms in Forest Lake this past June.

Whenever we stop by the store, we can count on a warm welcome from the Daninger family. Their dedication to our community is so appreciated.

Maradee Landholm
Forest Lake

What’s That Smell?

Shakespeare said a rose by any other name still smells as sweet.

This doesn’t work in Minnesota, however. The proposed Constitutional amendments by any other title still stink.

Let’s grant rights, not take them away.

Twyla Ring
North Branch