Incumbents dot local election filings

All but one will seek to remain in office Nov. 6

Local races have been set for the Tuesday, Nov. 6 general election. The 14-day filing period for local office ended this Tuesday.

The final filings follow. Incumbents are denoted by an asterisk. All area elections are at-large contests.


Mayor: Dave Povolny*

Council (two seats): Jeff Duraine*, Glen Kothe and Denny Peterson*

Forest Lake

Mayor: Bruce Anderson, Brian Hile and Chris Johnson*

Council (two seats): Jim DuFour*, Ed Eigner, Jeff Klein and Ben Winnick


Town Board Seat B: Philip Osterhus*

Seat C: Mike Parker* and Carol Searing

Seat E: Mike Budde* and Edward Kramer

Town Clerk: Judy Hanna* and Sandra Mishler


Mayor: Randall Simonson*

Council (two seats): Connie Amos*, Bob Hegland, Dan Lee, Robert Pilz, Chris Ness* and Dustin Hegland


Mayor: Eric Peterson*, Raymond Vinzant

Council (two seats): Kriss Hakala, Claire Luger, Stuart Stevermer, Dennis Williams, Linda Nanko Yeager* and Joe Zerwas*

  • GOP Watchdog

    We have some rotten incumbents in local office that just waste our time & money.

    Here are some NOT to vote for:
    Chris Johnson, Forest Lake Mayor – Best known for silencing the public in his first term.
    Jim DuFour, Forest Lake City Council – Best known for incomprehensible union babble.
    Linda Nanko Yeager, Wyoming City Council – Best known for misguided rabble rousing.