Marina plan raises concerns for FL resident

Kevin Miller
Guest Writer

I am expressing a concern about the proposed marina on First Lake of Forest Lake.

I am concerned that the residents and community of Forest Lake are not being properly informed as to the details of this marina, especially as it relates to the protection of Forest Lake and the families in our community who enjoy the lake.

It seems as though it is quietly being moved along for someone’s personal gain.

•Why has there not been a detailed layout of the proposed marina in the paper for the community to see? I heard somewhere it will extend over 300 feet out from the shore.

•Who and how are bids being sought for the private ownership of the marina? Why not city owned and managed?

•Are the boat slips going to be for Forest Lake residents only or anyone who wishes to own/rent one? Will they be owned or rented?

•What environmental studies have been done to regulate and manage the fuel and oil spills into the lake? Shoreline erosion?

•Is the Marina going to be selling fuel/oil/bait?

•What about the disposal of the trash/waste created? Is the marina going to be using the public restrooms in the park and picnic areas or will they have their own? If privately owned they should be self-sufficient and not using public facilities as their main source.

•What about family health and safety (park area and beach), boater safety, the impact on the swimming beach, picnic area and concerts in the park. How will they be affected?

•What about aquatic species problems and regulating the boat access, increased lake traffic?

•What about regulating future expansion of the marina?

•Would they be required to be part of the Forest Lake Lake Association and contribute to keeping the water clean?

•What would be the benefit to the city or the community?

•Where would the revenue created by the marina go? Would it go back into helping the lake with water clarity, algae control, aquatic species control, controlling boat access, or some other city program?

I think before the Forest Lake City Council rushes this through, the voting citizens should have much more information. Inform the community why this is good for Forest Lake, and not just a couple local establishments, and not just another taxpayer liability to deal with.

Please send you comments or concerns to Forest Lake City Administrator Aaron Parrish: [email protected]

— The writer lives in Forest Lake.