Josh Banta of FL Boy Scout Troop 733 earns Eagle Scout award

Josh Banta received his Eagle Scout award Sunday, Aug. 12 from his father Mark while his mother Cindy looked on.

Another member of Forest Lake Boy Scout Troop 733 has earned an Eagle Scout award. The troop has now seen 42 of its scouts earn the prestigious award since the troop was chartered by the Forest Lake Lions Club in 1991.

Most recent honoree of Troop 733 is Josh Banta, son of Mark and Cindy Banta, Wyoming.

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held on Sunday, Aug. 12 at the Forest Hills United Methodist Church, Forest Lake.

Pat Hudoba was master of ceremonies for the special event. Steve Olson, former scoutmaster for Troop 733, explained the requirements to earn an Eagle award. He said the award is one of the highest ranks in scouting. He traced the history of the Eagle Scout award, going back 100 years.

Arthur Rose Eldred was the first Eagle Scout, earning the honor in 1912.

Anthony Thomas of Lakeville in 2009 became the 2 millionth Eagle Scout.

The presentation of the Eagle award was made by Steve Olson, assisted by Josh’s father Mark, also an Eagle Scout, and by Josh’s mother Cindy.

Special awards earned by Josh include Zero Hero, Sunrise River, Camp Sallie, Ordeal and Brotherhood Member of the Order of the Arrow, Gray Wolf Leadership Training, 50-Mile and Star of the Future.

Josh’s Eagle project consisted of landscaping half the grounds of Maranatha Church in Wyoming. When the church expanded, the new section had not been landscaped. “I wanted to give back to Maranatha for all it has done for the scouting community,” Josh said.

Forest Lake Lions Club President Nancy Immel also presented a special plaque of recognition to Josh.