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Ryan’s Rand Way

Paul Ryan can’t have it both ways, but darn it he’s going to try.

Either he is a Catholic or a disciple of Ayn Rand. He can’t be both. His vacillation on this subject is troublesome.

In 2005 Ryan gave a speech stating he grew up reading the Rand manifestos. He said and I quote “it taught me quite a bit about who I am and what my value systems are and what my beliefs are.” This is certainly reflected in his attacks on the working class and Ryan’s subservience to the rich.

Ryan also stated that Rand’s works were required reading for his Congressional staff. Scary stuff if you have read Rand.

To give a brief description, Ayn Rand was an atheist who preached that greed and selfishness is good and she was opposed to Judeo-Christian morality and religion. Rand also favored abortion and no taxes on the wealthy.

I can see why the Catholic Church is upset with and has taken the stand that Ryan is wrong on social issues and greed. His following and parroting the world view of such a controversial figure like Rand explains his attacks on Social Security, Medicare and the middle class.

Max Anderson

Applause, Please

The city of Forest Lake wishes to extend a special thank you to everyone who makes the election process successful. The city uses five places, free of charge, to hold elections: St. Peter’s Church, Faith Lutheran Church, Hosanna Lutheran Church, Washington County Headwaters Service Center and the city hall.

These facilities do not charge rent, offer their staff services free and reschedule events to plan for elections. Up to 70 community members receive special training to serve as an election judge, often working a 15 to 19 hours on election day. Their dedication and commitment to the process deserves a round of applause.

City public works and maintenance set up all the precincts and post extra signage.

We also thank the voters who make an extra effort, taking time out of their busy life, to cast a ballot. Thank you for taking part in the Primary Election and we look forward to seeing you for the November 6th General Election.

Chantal Doriott
Deputy Clerk
Aaron Parrish
City Administrator
Forest Lake

Good Character

Chisago and Isanti counties have superb representation in the Minnesota Legislature! Sen. Sean Nienow brings our voice to Saint Paul with principled ideas and family values. His work on the legislation to bring accountability and transparency to the states use of our tax dollars on Medicaid programs shows extraordinary leadership and courage.

People who have followed this issue know that without Sen. Nienow’s leadership and ability to work with both Republicans and Democrats to reform a wasteful program the legislature would not have passed an audit bill. Nienow took on the powerful HMO lobby and an entrenched bureaucracy that fought accountability at a cost of millions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse.

Beyond his work on health care, Nienow has shown a strong advocacy for good schools and as a result of his hard work Chisago/Isanti schools saw the benefit. The money that was freed up for school districts to use by repealing the staff development mandate from the state gave the districts the flexibility they needed to prioritize their budget based on what the children in the classroom need.

Strong character and courageous leadership make our district proud to say Sen. Sean Nienow is our senator.

Michele Lentz

Price of Ignorance

Friends, Romans, countrymen, we seem to have been paying more attention to choosing an American Idol than our politicians.

Nationally, we have a young leftist community organizer who has given us unaffordable and soon-to-be restricted health care for president. Regarding Obamacare, has anyone else noticed health care costs skyrocketing lately?

I don’t mind helping pay medical costs of the truly unfortunate, but I resent paying for those too irresponsible to buy insurance. This latter demographic is akin to those unwilling or too mentally challenged to obtain a photo ID to vote.

In stark contrast to our neighbor on the east, Minnesota has a vulgar left wing comedian, Al Franken — a Don Imus wannabe, more embarrassing than Jesse Ventura — as senator.

In Gopherland, votes were re-counted in Al Franken’s favor. He won by 312 votes, while 289 convicted felons voted in Hennepin County and another 52 illegals voted in Ramsey County. Guess which way this element voted? Nevertheless, there is an immense clamor to prevent identification of voters.

In a perfect world there would be some minimal intellectual qualification to vote, but that would cause screaming heard on the moon, not to mention guarantee the election of Romney and Ryan. The price of ignorance is costly, and the cost has been growing.  But with this fresh GOP team, we have a chance to restore political and fiscal sanity.

Richard Doyle

Wyoming’s Health

In Friday’s Star Tribune there was an article on whether or not nearly 28,000 state employees should get a 2 percent raise. Up until July the state was taking in more money than projected and just missed revenue projections in July.

So the state is doing well and looking to give nearly 28,000 state employees a raise, a rate much like what happens in the private sector.

This article made me wonder just how well the city of Wyoming is doing. This summer, Mayor Peterson and Council Members Joe Zerwas, Roger Elmore and Steve Zerwas voted to give the city administrator a 15 percent pay raise (retroactive to the beginning of the year) and the police chief a 17 percent raise. To be fair, Mayor Peterson voted against the raise for the chief. Not because he thought 17 percent was out of line, but because the chief hasn’t moved to Wyoming yet.

So, just how well is the city of Wyoming doing? Maybe a decrease in our levy is coming for next year? I won’t be holding my breath. For those of you who think this is way out of line, Peterson and Joe Zerwas are up for reelection this fall. Make you thoughts count!

Dan Babbitt

Medicare Debate

The selection of Rep. Paul Ryan to run with Gov. Romney has re-ignited the debate on reforming Medicare. The two most visible plans (ObamaCare, RyanCare) disagree on many points but one source of agreement is not generating much discussion: The exemption of individuals age 55 or older from any Medicare reform.

Why the exemptions? To paraphrase Ross Perot, don’t these individuals have a dog in this fight? I think they do.

This is a critical issue for Minnesota and the country, and regardless of one’s political convictions it is a serious mistake to tell 40 million seniors currently in Medicare and 36 million individuals ages 55-64 that they can sit this one out.

The process of reforming Medicare will be better served if everyone has a strong incentive to participate. Again, why exempt anyone? It cannot be because these individuals have paid for the health care they have or will receive:

Nonpartisan studies show that a typical Medicare recipient receives care costing three times more than they and their employer contributed. Thus a majority of the 40 million seniors in Medicare have or will receive care they did not (and will not) pay for, specifically, hospitalization costs under Part A of Medicare.

There is only one reason these individuals have been exempted:  Politicians in both parties (including Reps. Bachmann and Cravaack) fear them. We need political leadership that abandons partisanship and talking points in favor of people and country, not political submission.

Michael Harwell
Forest Lake

Home Town Voice

For the last two years our voice has been heard at the Minnesota Legislature. Since Bob Barrett took a stand that our schools will no longer be neglected due to Minneapolis special interests, we have seen measurable improvements in both funding for our schools and policies that put the decision making back in the hands of parents, teachers and school districts.

Bob helped pass more productive K-12 spending that allowed six to eight jobs per district to be saved. He has been one of the most approachable and available legislators local school officials have seen in years. He always takes time to meet Chisago County parents and teachers when they call or go to the capitol. Bob cares about the kids, families and businesses that employ Chisago County’s hard working people.

Bob has said one of his highest priorities is to correct the unfair funding system that has continually benefited Minneapolis schools at the cost of Chisago County school kids simply because of where they live. We need Bob Barrett in the Minnesota House. He truly is our home town voice.

Elise Hiljus

  • Judi Bruckshen

    Leaving aside whether or not I agree with his very obvious political views or not, when did the Forest Lake Times become the podium for the weekly Max Anderson diatribe? While I understand that he is entitled to his opinion, please understand that many people simply read his articles for comedy and I would rather see the articles and opinions sections of your paper be read for useful dialogue, rather than for comedy and a platform for one person’s predictable and redundant weekly rant. Yes, Max, we all understand your political views and position. Let it rest and let others participate in the democratic process you hold so dear.

    • S Johnson

      Finally someone said what I have wanted to say for a very long time. I look forward to read the weekly rant of this particular individual. However, the same rant over and over just makes him look as thou he is a constant complainer. We all know in life if you are a constant complainer eventually people stop listening.

  • Arnold Lahd

    Mr. Babbitt, I have to assume Linda Nanko Yeager is your candidate of choice, “Just Say No!” Also I assume you live in the former Wyoming Township. Councilperson Yeager lives in what was once, the “Old City”. Your idea, and I quote “So, just how well is the city of Wyoming doing? Maybe a decrease in our levy is coming for next year?” That’s exactly Yeager’s vow, to lower your taxes and as she’s shown, she’s willing to destroy the infrastructure, even more so then past Wyoming politicians, to do so. This so she gets four more years on our taxpayer dime for obstruction and “No!” solutions. Joe Zerwas is a senior citizen and thus represents those and others not of that age. He’s had the fortitude to put cheap political theatrics aside, to do the right thing as in finding a solution to fix our cracked and long neglected streets, and not see property owners financial stability destroyed in the process. This battle isn’t over lower taxes but instead, stopping the idea that we can live cheaply off flat levies, year after year, by eating up our streets. Furthermore, it’s been no bargain for the old city to inherit the future and pending burden of the former township’s roads. They, in miles, width, road base construction, will far outstrip the costs of the old city streets in preventive maintenance and future reconstruction costs. Certainly every politician, especially a local one, wants to be the nice guy, or the savior or the one with the painless solution. You calling for the dismissal or Joe Zerwas and Eric Peterson is remarkable. For those of us, in the old city, Joe Zerwas, Steve Zerwas, Roger Elmore (Steve and Roger reside in the former township) along with Mayor Peterson have promised not to abandon this city’s future. Linda Nanko Yeager, on the other hand, has said, in many ways, that this city, our Wyoming, isn’t worth saving. Quite a few voters, will just say “No” to that subterfuge come election day. Take that to the bank.

  • Max Anderson

    Why is it when folks like Ms. Bruckshen attack me it is personal and not on the issues I comment on?

    Is it because they realize my comments are accurate and they use personal attacks because they can’t argue with the facts?

    This is a very serious election we face, I guess your idea of comedy is somewhat different than mine.

    I find the threat of unlimited money in politics to be a threat to our democracy, I find candidates that openly lie about health issues concerning women dangerous.

    Forcing a woman that may become pregnant through rape to deliver a child conceived in that way is sick & wrong and 80% of Americans agree it is disgusting and wrong.

    The Republican party platform and the bulk of most Republican’s elected to office would make no exception for a person raped to have an abortion if they become pregnant, a woman would be forced to carry it to term under their rules if enacted into law.

    Even sicker, 31 states have laws that allow Rapists to be a parent and have the same parental rights as any other father to parent a child conceived by such horrible means, I guess that is not worthy of conversation in your world.

    I would hope if you disagree with me on these issues you would take a pen and make your beliefs known in this column and share you views in a constructive way, I think we both know why you won’t.

    Or you can attack me and continue to call the serious issues of the day comedy.

    Max Anderson

    • S Johnson

      Mr. Anderson:
      To me it sounds like you’re always complaining. With your rants darn near every week you’re starting to lose the audience that you want to sway to your opinions and beliefs.

      Also, please refrain from the name calling that I have seen numerous times in your letters. You’re just a guity of that as you say the republicans are.

  • Judi Bruckschen

    Mr. Anderson-

    It is interesting that you took my words to be intended as a personal attack. I have read your weekly rants for a while and also read your responses to those who disagree with you (Mr. Perrault perhaps which included numerous personal attacks against him). Apparently, if you don’t agree with Mr. Anderson, you are personally attacking him. Do you think that perhaps that might be why most people portrary your rants as comedy? Or perhaps that you somehow were able to implicate the Republican party as supporting the rights of rapists? Here’s an idea if you are serious about the state and fate of our beloved country – run for office. Let’s see how that works out for you. Complaining and mindless rants aren’t doing anything to help your cause. However, the rest of us sit back and enjoy the comedy.

  • Max Anderson

    Thank You for proving my point, not one dissagreement of issues just personal attacks.

    In a battle of wits you are an unarmed person.

  • Judi Bruckshen

    Mr. Anderson-

    Actually, you’ve proven my point. “In a battle of wits you are an unarmed person” only provides a perfect example of a personal attack – the thing that you do time and time again. Buy yourself a mirror and look into it – you are what you so abhorror. This is why everyone enjoys your comedic rants – much to your dismay. Why the Times continues to publish your rants was my point – not that you have very strong feelings about abortion and rapists (what a courageous stand to take). By the way, I am not a Democrat and not a Republican. I just am able to look at things objectively and not through the lens of unions and the Democratic party platform. Feel free to continue to embarrass yourself. I would be happy to meet you for a debate anytime. Let’s make it open to the public and they can judge who wins the “battle of wits”.

  • Phillip Fishman

    Just a thought about Mr. Anderson’s thought about money in politics. Would or should he also be as concerned the amounts that unions and Hollywood spend on campaigns to influence elections? While I understand the concern with corporations being recognized as individuals, haven’t unions and labor organizations been dumping in money and influencing elections for years? Perhaps he hasn’t heard of George Soros? How does he think Al Franken got elected? While we may disagree upon what the rules should be, shouldn’t they apply equally to both sides? Is the only distinction that Mr. Anderson doesn’t like the way that the election money sometimes flows?

  • anonymous

    Yes Max Anderson does indeed have some rather unique views, to be sure. He still believes in America and that if this country actually believed in its principals, we might be able to turn things around. Problem is, his views are so extreme, as in buy American made goods and produce or manufacture them, here in the good old USA, that others have a hard time grasping that old concept. I don’t go to those dollar stores in that everything there is made in China. Same with browsing the wares at Menards, cheap imitations made in China. Wal-Mart, same story. Yes Max Anderson has some pretty simplistic, old school ideas. One can certainly tell that by looking at the jobless American workers and the cheap merchandise from everywhere but here. Who cares if Max blows off a little steam. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy debate. It’s part of our American democracy.

  • Max Anderson

    Mr fishman

    Your simplistic view of money in politics is pretty badly formed

    In the past unions and corporations and citizens had limits on how much could be spent and full reporting was the law

    The money in politics has mostly been regulated until citizens united ruling took off all limits and reporting

    The largest spending come from organizations that are not required to disclose their Benifactors
    I disagree with secret unlimited money buying our democracy

    For the record George soros has spent a small fraction on political liberal causes over the last ten years than the Koch brothers have pn conservitive causes, the Koch brothers have out spent soros ten to one with their net worth of fifty billion dollars that is fifty times more than soros is worth

    The same holds true for corporations which out spend unions ten to one in a normal election year and it will be twenty to one this year

    Corporations are now people and have the same rights as a person but no responsibility

    If this is your vision of America that is up to you I happen to disagree

  • max anderson

    Ms. Bruckschen

    The fact is Ms. Bruckscen you have never publically taken issue with my views, which leads me to believe you have no position at all or are ashamed of the ones you do have.

    You only call it things like comedy and rants with no actual response on the issues of the day, all you give is just a shallow retort that has little meaning and less importance.

    You have taken no risk in taking a position on any of the issues I have raised in my written views which is safe for you, you say you not a Democrat or Republican which also leads me to believe you want to hide your political affiliation to further insulate yourself from taking reasonability for your views.

    What are you afraid of Ms. Bruckscen? Do you fear responding to my views like a responable adult with your own counter views on the issues of the day will expose your real agenda? Or perhaps your views are so far out of the main stream you fear exposing them to the public and know what the response will be.

    You asked for a debate, start by allowing us to see how you view a few issues.

    Let’s start with a few easy ones.

    What is you position on the Republican platform of no exceptions for a woman to have an abortion even in cases of incest or rape thus forcing the woman to bear, pay for and raise a child conceived in rape?

    What is your view on the supreme court decision ruling that corporations are actually people?

    What is you view of Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program while cutting taxes for the richest among us?

    I can understand if you don’t want this debate you requested and don’t answer these questions which I have already written my views on, playing it safe and attacking me personally is so much easier than actually thinking.

    • Joseph Westphal

      This is a late response, but I think you might still check here since your post is the latest one:

      “What is you position on the Republican platform of no exceptions for a woman to have an abortion even in cases of incest or rape thus forcing the woman to bear, pay for and raise a child conceived in rape?”

      Murder is murder. If one believes that abortion is the taking of innocent life, then why make an exception? Isn’t this just cheapening the value of life? There are no rules binding a woman to raise a child conceived by rape. She can always put him or her up for adoption.

      “What is your view on the supreme court decision ruling that corporations are actually people?”

      I disagree with this one, it seems like an easy way for international corporations to bribe elected officials.

  • Phillip Fishman


    I don’t disagree with your premise. I buy American every chance I get. I also agree with healthy debate which is essential in our American democracy. Certainly, feel free to essentially “vote with your feet” or in this case, “buy with your feet” and not patronize stores such as WalMart or Menards. The wonderful part about this country is freedom of choice (which seems to be taken from us on a daily basis – example being Obamacare). Also keep in mind that while there may be a trade deficit (because Americans obviously consume more than most countries), America does export a substantial amount of goods and services. What if every country adopted the theory that you should only buy or consume products and services made by your country? One might argue that free trade helps everyone (assuming the rules are the same for everyone and there aren’t tariffs and protectionist measures imposed). With regards to jobless Americans, I’m sure Mr. Anderson will lay that at the feet of the current administration, right? I bet not. That’s my point – it will be a predictable response blaming anyone but Obama.

  • Phillip Fishman

    Mr. Anderson-

    So your point with regards to political spending is that liberals aren’t spending as much as conservatives? Corporations are spending more than unions? Not only is your point ignorant and predictible, but you’re wrong. You’re making up facts and expect people to believe you. The only one with a “simplistic view of politics” is you. There is a lot of money that comes in on both sides – conservative and liberal. If you want to change the rules, they need to be changed for everyone (which includes liberals and unions). I have no problem with your point about transparency in spending, but it needs to be applied to everyone (are unions prepared to disclose their donor lists and are all liberal PACs and SuperPACs willing to disclose their donors)? Your predictable and transparent political views once again color your thinking and as usual, cause you call out others as being “simplistic” and obviously lacking in knowledge that apparently only you possess. Do you really think that Obama isn’t going to spend as much or more than Romney? Have you spent any time researching the size of Klobuchar’s war chest? Perhaps you don’t know as much about campaign finance as you claim to?

  • max anderson

    Mr. fishman

    You don’t know me but would tell me what I believe in, typical.

    In regards to American Made Products I have in the past and still lay the blame for the decline of our economy at the feet of the consumer, some people want to blame the politicians and some want to blame corporations but the fact of the matter is that the American Consumer in their quest for all things cheap choose to buy these products made in Communist China and export their own jobs in the process.

    As Americans we are free to buy whatever we wish and I am free to point out the folly in buying so many exports and you are free to disagree with me.

    If you take the time as I have and go to any big box merchandise store and look at the non food items you would see that over 80% of merchandise is imported and most of that comes from Communist China.

    So please explain to me in who’s best interest it is in to buy the lions share of our products from a communist country that pays it’s worker an average of $40.00 per month and hates us and our way of life.

    We cannot survive as a nation flipping burgers and selling insurance we need manufacturing to prosper and grow, I have no doubt that the consumer will continue to export their jobs in the same fashion as they have in the past with little self interest to Buy American products.

    As far as your comments on healthcare I have little doubt that you will continue to blame Obama for all things bad, the President took on the health care industry in an attempt to reform a system out of control in cost and delivery of service, I might add he did so with the idea of reform and fairness.

    It was Ronald Regan that opened the emergency rooms across America in his signing legislation prohibiting them from turning away any person for any reason. Now millions of Americans use the emergency room for their healthcare, the most expensive form they can use.

    We wound up with a top heavy healthcare system that grew bigger than the government and has been charging inflated prices to all of us and the drug manufacturers got laws past saying Medicare cannot negotiate a price and they must pay the asking price, every other country pays a fraction for pharmaceuticals compared to the USA because they can negotiate, just another government protection for big business.

    All I can say is that healthcare reform was badly needed and Obama is the first Politician that had the courage to tackle it. Agree or disagree no other politician has done a darn thing for the taxpayer on this issue because of the backlash. Cowards all.

  • anonymous

    “over 80% of merchandise is imported and most of that comes from Communist China…that pays it’s worker an average of $40.00 per month and hates us and our way of life.” You’re on roll Max, who can disagree there.

    “We cannot survive as a nation flipping burgers and selling insurance we need manufacturing to prosper and grow” Completely true 100%, good point!

    “It was Ronald Regan that opened the emergency rooms across America in his signing legislation prohibiting them from turning away any person for any reason. Now millions of Americans use the emergency room for their healthcare, the most expensive form they can use.” I’d have to double check on this for accuracy but I do know thousands of hospitals have been forced to close their emergency rooms, especially in California, because they are going bust. They can’t afford to run the hospital if the ERs stay open.

    Max knows what he’s talking about if people would just get past his often robust delivery style. Instead of fight with him why not try to find things to agree upon. Saving the USA should be mutual interest. I would think?

  • Phillip Fishman


    Perhaps you are drinking the same Kool Aid as Mr. Anderson is? Blaming a President who hasn’t been in office since 1988 for health care problems? If that is the case, perhaps we should have a discussion about FDR and his creation of the entitlements that now are out of control and are sinking our economy? I love how we are just expect to accept certain facts – 80% of our merchandise is imported and most comes from China? Chinese workers are only paid $40.00 per month? Where does this stuff come from? Interesting since Canada is and has been our biggest trading partner for a long time.

    The good news is that we have Obamacare to save our health care system, a Democratic President, a Democratic governor and two Democratic senators. One might wonder why Max is so disenchanted. I would assume he would be thrilled. It’s just the rest of us that might not be so happy… Forgive me if I don’t think saving the USA is going to be done on Max’s or your grand ideas and preposterous statements.

  • Confused

    To all those attacking Mr. Anderson, at least Mr. Anderson is fairly respectful in his letters.

    It is a bit hypocritcal of you to be attacking him while none of you mention Mr. Doyle’s name calling and unsubstanciated attacks on Sen. Franken and President Obama. His letter would fit in nicely with some of the hate groups we read about. Where is your outrage with him or is that type of letter is ok as long as you agree with him?

    The ironic thing in Mr. Doyle’s letter is his comment “I don’t mind helping pay medical costs of the truly unfortunate, but I resent paying for those too irresponsible to buy insurance.”

    Under the healthcare law it is the mandate that everyone must buy health insurance that has the far right in a uproar. It seems Mr Doyle is complaining about the very thing the healthcare law would address.

    Go Figure

  • Max anderson

    Mr. Fishman,

    Your view that social security is an entitlement program defies reason. People pay into social security to fund it for the exact purpose of getting money back later in life, it is paid for by the recipients to get benefits not an entitlement. I am guessing you will refuse or have refused any money from this program because of your sterling principles and strict beliefs against it.

    Any school age child can use the wonderful tools at our fingertips to gather information and research issues, you should try it sometime, your rant that the massive trade imbalance with communist China does not exist and that denying the average wage rates of a Chinese industrial worker of about $40.00 per month shows ignorance of issues and a lack of information gathering skills. facts are facts and you have none sir.

    I suspect you may get your information from such sources as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, if that is true it explains a lot on your outlook on life and the misplaced excessive anger you display.

    You said in an earlier post that you buy American when you can, well sir I don’t believe you, I personally think you are saying it to make yourself look like a person that supports America.

    Here is a simple way for you to learn about the influx of Communist made goods in our retail stores. Ask someone to give you a ride to the Forest Lake Target Store. Walk in and go to the first isle and look at clothing, randomly look at the tags on ten pieces of clothing, next go to shoes and repeat looking at ten items and now do the same thing in house wares, electronics, hardware and tools, use your crayon and write down the places where all these items are manufactured, maybe just maybe this will have an impact on your denial of the fact that 80% or more of the retail manufactured products are made overseas and most of those in Communist China.

    Another fact Mr. Fishman is that FDR pulled us out of the great depression , oversaw WW2 and paid for it unlike the Bush wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which cost two trillion dollars for and almost pushed us into another depression while the middle class taxpayer their children and their grandchildren pay for it with the lives of their children and in the taxes they pay while corporations mad hundreds of billions of dollars from the misery of war.

    Here is another tidbit for you Ronald Regan the god of the republican party that is worshiped above all others, Regan raised taxes several times, he created a safety net in helthcare for people using emergency rooms and the sad fact is that in the current election cycle Regan would not even be allowed to be in the Tampa Republican Convention let alone a nominee, of course your party of inclusiveness has banned such party faithful like Dave Durenburger, Arne Carlson and a host of other formerly elected republican luminaries from attending the Tampa convention because they were not conservative enough.

    Wake up Mr. Fishman, turn off Fox and gather your own information and formulate your own opinions, watching TV for information is just plain lazy and a way to stay ignorant of the real world and issues.

    You of course are free to buy whatever you like when shopping, if you want to be a job creator for Americans I would suggest you consider buying American products and demanding them from the stores you shop at, the consumer is the real job creator in this country, when they wake up to the reality of their destructive import mentality and start demanding American products perhaps we can turn things around have a robust jobs economy.

    Have a nice day.