Chamber welcomes new teachers

New special education teachers Danielle Noha, who will work at St. Peter’s Elementary School, and Trena Noble, who will be at Century Junior High School, check out the merchandise provided by Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce members.

Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce businesses welcomed new teachers at a luncheon at Running Aces on Aug. 22.

Forty-four new hires in Forest Lake district schools, plus 11 from Lakes International Language Academy, were fed, introduced, and given free merchandise by local businesses as part of a 40-year tradition.

In addition to business representatives and teachers, Superintendent Linda Madsen and school board members Gail Theisen, Kathy Bystrom, and Karen Morehead were present.

The luncheon tradition helps foster close connections between school personnel and area businesses.  To further that goal, the school district’s business director, Larry Martini, serves on the the Chamber of Commerce board of directors.