Columbus reviews infrastructure projects

The Columbus City Council discussed two infrastructure projects on Wednesday, Aug. 22 for which the city is seeking financial support in Housing and Redevelopment Authority funds from Anoka County. The city anticipated county HRA members this week would consider a plan for wetland mitigation near where the city relocated Hornsby Street in the southeast quadrant. The city would like to fill some wetland north of a segment of Hornsby Street for future development, in exchange for restoring wetland on the south side. Secondly, as planned when Ziegler Cat built in Columbus’ freeway district five years ago, the city would like to take control of a 150,000-gallon ground storage tank that Ziegler included with its development. The city would need to fund a feasibility study (at an estimated cost of $9,500) for determining what improvements the storage tank would require before joining the city water system. This item would be considered by a separate county committee before reaching the HRA. All requests for HRA funds are brought before the Anoka County Board for approval. — Paul Rignell, Columbus Reporter