Bruce Anderson files for mayor

Bruce Anderson

Yes, it’s election time and Bruce Anderson is running again, this time for mayor.

“I have run three previous times in Forest Lake, almost winning a couple times,” Anderson said. “Many citizens have told me to put up those ugly lawn signs and you would win. I refuse to try to win that political way. I want the citizens to elect me based on my merits, not signs or ‘big cow’ gimmicks. I am clearly the most non-political guy living in Forest Lake. My issues: Poor fiscal management, failure to take care of our lake, red tape government, failure to develop Forest Lake and favoritism.  My likes: Police, EMS and fire, Willowbrook Church and all churches, the ‘little guy,’ cities with vision, and letting people speak at council meetings. As mayor, I guarantee every citizen would get respect and a smile. Email questions to me at:  [email protected]

  • Eric Langness

    You’ve signed on the dotted line and paid the fee to run for political office 3 times yet you claim you’re not a politician. You must not be honest either. Politicians are those whom run for office. The simple task of not putting up a sign doesn’t make you less political.

    With that said, you’re running against one of the worst mayors Forest Lake has ever seen. His arrogance alone makes those whom attend meetings cringe. Sadly, no one worth endorsement filed so please don’t take this as a motion of my support.